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Saturday, November 26, 2011

A Saturday Bike....

We awoke to lovely blue skies this fine Saturday morning....  lovely blue skies, ferocious winds, and a crisp wind chill of 11.  For those of you who have dogs - have you ever opened the back door for your dog to go "out" on a cold morning, have the critter poke its head out the door, figuratively say 'I don't think so', put it in frantic 'reverse' and hightail back into the house because it didn't want to venture out into the cold?  Well that was the case for Happy Trails this morning (ahem, not the part of needing to go 'out', if you know what I mean).  We were dressed, ready to head over to the trail for our weekend tempo run, despite watching the trees bending over from the gusty wind, opened the door to go out, had that bitter wind hit our faces and put it in immediate reverse back into the cozy, warm confines of the house.

Hmmm, what to do.  We need our 'scheduled' faster paced run in for the week (that's about as structured as we get).  So, being the 'bad', not-so-tough-as nails duo that we are, we changed from running attire to BIKING
attire.  We decided not to run in the cold but ride instead.  Yes, RIDE.  While it was gale force windy out.  While it was 'we're not ready for the cold' cold out.  Yes, we rode.  Indoors.  On the trainers.  In a warm, cozy house (with some artificial wind - a fan blowing on us - to make us think we were really outside, sort of).  Threw in a Carmichael Training video - Climbing Speed - and proceeded to sweat profusely by doing repeats of Over and Under climbing threshold intervals.  It was all good.  We got a great workout in despite missing our tempo day.  Tomorrow we are hoping to redeem ourselves with a LONG run.... 

The cardinal rule in the HT household has been "No Christmas music until December 1".  I (Kathleen - and yes, I finally did a post) am bad all the way around lately - no run today AND starting Christmas music overload way early.  Oh yeah, adding to my string of badness - I just made a batch of gluten free butter cookies with Nutella sandwiched in between.  We are hoping to post a Christmas playlist with some of our faves but have had trouble getting a full list to download.  So here's one good song to start you off.  

Happy Trails!

Enjoy "The Christmas Song" by Michael Tait

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