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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Neighborhood Tour

We left for our run this morning with light snow falling and decent temps for a snow day. So we mixed it up a little and got in some trail miles mixed in with some multi-use path miles. It was off to Ute Valley Park first so we could get in some trails before the clay got too wet. As soon as it soaks up some water, it is shoe swallowing goop - no fun. Of course, there is no mud to worry about when you get on a nice granite slab like the one Kathleen is on.
There was a quiet hush on the valley as the gentle snowfall muffled the air. With the weather conditions, it was pretty peaceful on the trails - not much traffic on these days!
Steve dodges boulders on his way down into the valley from the west rim. This is a fresh cut section of trail, so we knew it was a matter of time before it was turned to fudge and not much enjoyment for running.
Kathleen makes her way along as well - with nice wet snowflakes filling the air.
Nice and quiet, but no views of the mountains today - the clouds shrouded the views all day!
We had a brief moment when we thought the clouds were breaking, but it was only a momentary tease. We took advantage of the photo op in front of our favorite arch. Within minutes, we were back to snow. It is all right by us - we need moisture because the last 8 weeks have been REALLY dry. The tread started to get a wee bit sticky in Ute valley, so we headed out and ran a loop around Flying W. This is mostly wide, multi-use dirt trail but works well in wet conditions. There is a moderate climb that is over a mile and then a crest atop Flying W road overlooking Ute Valley and much of town. Photos didn't work today, though, as the clouds would not give us a view from on top. Oh well. It was a good run and gave us a little variety from our normal routes. You have to diversify when the weather dictates and now we have a potential new combo to add to the regular route selections. We logged 10.5 miles, mostly on dirt and all from the front door - sweet. Happy Trails and hope for some of that clear Colorado blue sky tomorrow. Also looking forward to the time change - post-work runs are around the corner - woo hoo!!!

Shoes - Asics Gel Trabuco
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