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Monday, October 27, 2008

Pictureless post, pneumonia, trail brick, and mountain biking

Well, bummer, this is a pictureless post. I forgot the camera both days over the weekend as well as my outing today. Bigger bummer, Steve has pneumonia!!! He almost never gets sick. We both got flu shots last week, me on Monday and he on Wednesday night. Friday night he started feeling "not quite right" and by Saturday he had full on body aches, headache, chills, and fever (103.8!). We figured he was having a bad reaction to the flu shot, called our after-hours on-call nurse at our doctor's office Saturday evening who did confirm that occasionally people do have stronger reactions to the vaccine. Long story short, we couldn't get his fever to go below 102 and it was mostly staying between 103 to 104 so after a call back to the on-call nurse on Sunday afternoon, we were advised to pay a visit to one of local after hours emergency facilities who confirmed pneumonia. He had no other symptoms - no breathing problems, cough, or congestion. He's beginning to feel a bit better tonight now that the antibotics are working into his system. We aren't so sure about the flu shot for next year. I had very low grade symptoms last week but nothing debilitating like Steve had over the weekend. We can't help but think the shot was related in some way especially after some things we read on the CDC's website. Hmmmm . . .

As for me, I got out for a quick run before work on Saturday morning. Yesterday (Sunday), I must have been feeling frisky because I did a 7 mile technical trail run in Ute Valley near our house, came home, changed into bike clothes and headed back over to Ute for 12 miles on my mountain bike. Not huge miles but it's a pretty good workout with the constant up and downs and technical, rocky, rooty, and sandy nature of the park. I loved it! It felt great to be on my mountain bike although I would have liked it even more if Steve could have been with me!

Today, after getting Steve all tucked in and situated for awhile, I met Becky for a mountain bike ride near her house on the trails around Mt. Herman. It was tons of fun, again, to be out on the mountain bike on technical trails. We managed to get in 18 high quality trail miles. I remember now why I never used to do much weight training in the summer when we were putting in lots of miles on the mountain bikes. Riding technical trails requires lots of body english and provides a great upper body workout as well as working the legs. Powering over rocks, roots, and boulders and good climbing keeps the upper body lean and strong. Plus I think it's a good change from the weight training routine for a few months - it mixes it up and challenges the muscles differently. I don't know if it's just because it is the "end of the season" thing, but I feel like I am hearing the siren song of mountain biking beckoning me back . . . . We'll see. I do love trail running (and shoes and running skirts too much!!!) but the mountain bike has always been my first love . . . . . .

We have had gorgeous weather, albeit a bit crisp the last few days. I don't care. Just give me sun and bluebird skies and I am happy as a lark. The gray, dark days really get to me. The extended weather report through next Monday is showing lots of sun and 60's. Yahoooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Next weekend I WILL remember to get some pics whatever we do although I anticipate Steve will be taking it slow for a week or two. Happy trails this week!
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