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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Sunday recovery ride

Today began with brilliant sunshine and bluebird skies. It was also one of the first days where it warmed up really early. We decided to saddle up the road bikes and head out for a mellow recovery spin following our fun race from yesterday. We looped around our area and ended up with 22 miles, which was sufficient. Surprisingly, our legs felt pretty good. After our great day yesterday, we are now looking for a few more fun and scenic (and do-able since we are just getting our feet wet) trail races this summer. Here are a few that could potentially be on the radar:

July 6 - Summer Roundup Trail Run 12k - Colorado Springs

July 26 - Spring Creek Memorial Run - 9 miles - Steamboat Springs

September 21 - Boulder Backroads Half-Marathon - Boulder
http://www.boulderbackroads.com/ (although the entry fee is a bit abusive)

September 27 - Aspen Golden Leaf Trail Half-Marathon - Aspen

Anyway, we had a wonderful weekend and are thankful for each day we get to experience. Life is good!
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