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Thursday, February 18, 2010

What? Tagged?

First of all,we must be blog illiterate because this tagging thing was foreign to us until yesterday.  Then, before you know it, we get hit from all sides with it.  Holy Cow!  Problem is this, if you are going to hit us with this Sunshine award, better send some sun with it instead of .... snowing sideways!   (OK, OK, I got a little off track there...)  Thanks to Julie, Maureen, and Tara for lavishing rays of sunshine upon us!  I guess we're supposed to pass this lovely flower along to a few others who make our day sunny with their blogging, such as:
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Ted & Danni's Adventures

In other non-tagging, non-bloggy award related news, got a nice "chase-away-the-winter-blues" care package in the mail this week. It seems the powers that be at Drymax happened upon our blog and saw my darling Kathleen cruising the trails at Cheyenne Mountain sporting their bright red winter socks.
It seems they had interest in using Kathleen's pic (much better choice than using mine!!), we had some emails back and forth and wouldn't you know - they surprised us with a nice collection of new socks to spruce up our "foot wardrobe"!! We discovered their socks about a year ago and really enjoy the fit and feel for running. If you have not tried Drymax, give their socks a shot - they are awesome!
Watching the Olympics and checking out NEW running gear, while the snow falls gently outside our window - nice!  (Being a fellow naturally curly, Kathleen has been ooh'ing and aah'ing over Shaun White's flowing, curly locks!!!)  Even got in a headlamp-powered 5 miler last night - woohoo on weeknight runs - can't wait for the time change - 24 days and counting...    Happy Trails!
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