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Thursday, February 18, 2010

What? Tagged?

First of all,we must be blog illiterate because this tagging thing was foreign to us until yesterday.  Then, before you know it, we get hit from all sides with it.  Holy Cow!  Problem is this, if you are going to hit us with this Sunshine award, better send some sun with it instead of .... snowing sideways!   (OK, OK, I got a little off track there...)  Thanks to Julie, Maureen, and Tara for lavishing rays of sunshine upon us!  I guess we're supposed to pass this lovely flower along to a few others who make our day sunny with their blogging, such as:
Meg Runs
Gotta Run Now (Tina)
HappyFeet 26.2 (Ginny)
Banff Trail Trash (Leslie)
Ted & Danni's Adventures

In other non-tagging, non-bloggy award related news, got a nice "chase-away-the-winter-blues" care package in the mail this week. It seems the powers that be at Drymax happened upon our blog and saw my darling Kathleen cruising the trails at Cheyenne Mountain sporting their bright red winter socks.
It seems they had interest in using Kathleen's pic (much better choice than using mine!!), we had some emails back and forth and wouldn't you know - they surprised us with a nice collection of new socks to spruce up our "foot wardrobe"!! We discovered their socks about a year ago and really enjoy the fit and feel for running. If you have not tried Drymax, give their socks a shot - they are awesome!
Watching the Olympics and checking out NEW running gear, while the snow falls gently outside our window - nice!  (Being a fellow naturally curly, Kathleen has been ooh'ing and aah'ing over Shaun White's flowing, curly locks!!!)  Even got in a headlamp-powered 5 miler last night - woohoo on weeknight runs - can't wait for the time change - 24 days and counting...    Happy Trails!


Meg said...

I have not tried the Drymax socks yet, but I will now! I had a sock/blister issues so I'm investigating some alternative socks. Thanks for the review!
Thanks for the sweet flower too! I've seen it popping up on blogs all over the place this week and over here, it brought some sunshine. Hopefully, you'll get yours this weekend!?
Tell K that Shaun eats breakfast at our favorite breakfast place, I saw him on New Year's Day...he lives about ten minutes from here! He's as curly in person as he is on TV ! It's official, I've become the pro -athlete stalker, haven't I?

Slomohusky said...

congrats on the free box of socks and the new drymax superstar model! nice orange socks!

sorry about the constant snow. i am sure whistler could use some right now?!

thanks for the tagging. i have now been tagged three times for the same one. i guess i need to pass it on now. fun.

T Z said...

Aww....thanx for the tag. I am copying it, taking it to Kinkos and blowing it up to 6' x 6' and placing it in my front yard so when I open my door in the morning, it's all that I see. I have got a little taste of sunshine, and I am really messed up bad, needing more and more of it.

Hey, awesome gig with Drymax. Were some of those sox in men's sizes??

Ewa said...

This is a fantastic picture of Kathleen.
I will have to check if Drymax is making five toe socks. I would love to have those for the summer.

Jill said...

Congrats on the awesome sock score! It appears the snow has stopped in Denver for the time being, maybe that Sunshine award truly helped out the state??!! We can use it! Happy Weekend, hope you get in some great trail miles, snowy as they may be!

Julie said...

Hi sweet and lovely couple,
See, I wasn't alone in thinking of you and this sunshine award...other bloggers love you just as much as I do:) I laughed at your comment about being bloggie dummies:) Very funny:)

That is so cool that you were given those awesome socks!! I agree with Slomo...Kathleen could be a super model!!

I just happen to think the same thing about Shaun's curly hair...it is so beautiful....and I was honestly a little jealous of how healthy it looks:)

I hope that you have a great weekend!!

Danni said...

How thin/thick are those Drymax winter socks? I need some better socks for ski touring, but prefer thin. I wish they made the thin running Drymax socks in tall for boots.

Thanks for the tag! I don't totally know what it means but it make sme happy :p

Tina @GottaRunNow said...

You deserve a nice surprise like free socks! And yes, those red socks do stand out and look cheerful!

Thanks for the tag! : )

Tara said...

Well that's pretty cool! No one ever visits my blog and send me free crap; I'm jealous! :)

Thanks for playing along on the whole tagging thing. I really do enjoy reading your alls blog and LOVE the pics!

I've only ran in Smart Wools, so I've never tried Drymax. Sounds like a they work really well too.

I hate to admit this, but...I'm actually enjoying the snow. Shhhh, don't tell anyone.

ajh said...

What fun that they wanted to use that great picture and you got stuff out of it!

ajh said...

Thanks for the comment on my header picture. I just changed that a couple of weeks ago. It is a road in my town that I only get on when I go more than 10 miles but it is a very peaceful road that I really enjoy. Plus I am running a little bit of a loop when I go on it and most of runs at home are out and back.

Jennifer said...

Great blog! Been seeing you guys all over the place on my other blogger friends lists. Woo hoo on the free socks, I have tried them and they are great socks and excellent picture BTW!

Average A said...

Awesome! I love Drymax socks -- great to hear that they are honing in on what their consumers are wearing. Look at all the promotion they are getting in return! And a beautiful pic they used indeed!

In reply to a comment Kathleen left on my site, I do not wear YakTrax or screw shoes. I have an old pair I wouldn't mind screwing some screws into, and YakTrax just don't seem like they are really needed up here. Sure, there are some very icy trails (especially the wooded ones), but I don't do enough of those to invest in a pair. I've seen a lot of people wearing YakTrax during road races and I think it's silly... usually the roads and sidewalks are clear. There are always patches of ice where they would be nice to have, but seldomly have I run on a trail (like today) that was ALL ice.

And sorry, Kathleen -- Shaun White is all mine. :P

HappyTrails said...

Dearest Average A,
Just to clear things up: You may have Mr. White - he's not QUITE my type. His allure, to me, is his HAIR!!! LOL!!! As a person with wildly naturally curly hair, I am ALWAYS on the lookout for fellow naturally curly people whose hair looks really good. His hair looks good!!! So funny . . . He is a pretty adequate snowboarder, too.
Kathleen :-)

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