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Monday, February 2, 2009

Double Header

Scene 1

We had a nice weekend and a couple good runs, mixed in with frantic consumer research and car shopping. (Thankfully, Kathleen had an uneventful drive to work this Saturday morning!!) So we are a little behind on blogging and are covering two days in one shot! We got out early Saturday and headed down into Ute Valley Park to avoid the high winds we were having - instead of running from home, we "cheated" the wind and parked near the trailhead. It was surprisingly pleasant for getting out right after sunrise.
Kathleen heads over the ridge into the park, with sunrise adding a little spring to her step. We are very glad that the mornings are starting to lighten up a little earlier. We are ready for longer days so we can start to get more mileage in mid-week!

Pikes Peak bathed in morning sun!

There was still a bit of time needed for the sun to reach the valley floor, but all in all it was a great early run. We got in a quick six miler, all on trails, and had some balmy temps for 7 am in the middle of winter. Also, I received no phone calls that stopped my breathing - WHEW!

Shoes - K Asics Trail Sensor
S - Montrail Odyssey


Scene 2

Sunday's forecast was for rain turning to snow and cold temperatures. The weather man was WRONG again, only this time it was in our favor - sweet! Aside from a crisp wind, it was clear bluebird skies and fairly mild temps and we took advantage of it. We headed over to Palmer Park for some trails - we had not been there since the New Year's Day road/trail race we ran. We even tried out some new trail areas in order to create a longer loop and not do much doubling of trails. Here is Steve running the Kinnickinnick Trail - hope that one does not come up on the spelling bee!!!
We looped around to the top of the mesa and headed out Grandview. Kathleen runs in front of one of the cool rock formations - Palmer Park is full of these.
Grandview Overlook - looking across town to the Peak, grand indeed!
Kathleen watching her footing on the Templeton Trail.
Palmer Park has a nice mixture of everything from buttery smooth - as seen here - to technical rocks, roots, and deep sand.
Steve heading out on the Palmer Point Trail.
Finished for the day after a good 12 miler! We headed home, got cleaned (and fueled) up and left for our traditional Super Bowl get together with some dear friends. Definite good times and Happy Trails to all this week!

Shoes - K Montrail Odyssey
S - Asics Gel Trabuco
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