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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Riding Day

Kathleen and Sage early on Saturday. Kathleen had to work, so she was heading out for a road ride near home and Steve was headed to Denver for a group ride.
Off and riding, Kathleen ended up riding 19 miles and had a good pace. It is amazing that as little riding as we have done this summer, we can still hop on and punch out some strong rides!

Meanwhile, Steve headed up to ride with some of the guys from the Océ North America Printing Systems office in Denver. The plan was to hook up at Curtis' home in the Greenwood Village area, head north through Cherry Creek and into the Downtown Denver/Confluence Park area, utilizing the Cherry Creek bike trail system. This was all new for me as we do not spend much time in the Denver metro area.
Steve, Curtis, Matt, and Dave getting some Colorado sun. We got in our ride as planned and got to see some of the competitors in the Crescent Moon Triathlon being held at Cherry Creek Reservoir. We also rode through the farmers market in Cherry Creek, where they were roasting some great smelling green chiles - almost good enough to quit riding and start eating!!! We reached our turn around point at the REI - Denver Flagship store, where one can be lured into purchasing all type of outdoor oriented goodies! We sat out on the deck for a bit while Matt and Dave took in a little Starbucks "fuel" for the return trip. With the brilliant sunshine, this hub of outdoor activity was buzzing and we soon made way for others to use the deck and started our return trip. It was a great ride and we ended up logging about 34 miles. Broken record here but we have almost limitless outdoor opportunities in our area and never cease to be amazed by all that we can enjoy. Denver metro has more parks per area than any city in the US and Colorado Springs ranks pretty high as well - very cool!
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