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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Back at it!

Got out for a run finally after getting the garbage cleared out of my lungs ... and it felt good! We needed to get out early this morning so Kathleen could get to work, so we decided to go run the race course at Ute Valley Park that I missed out on last weekend. After all the years running and riding this local park, we found a couple new trails that were on the race course that we have never been on.
Running up these rocks this morning we were surrounded by a herd of deer that were in no hurry to get away from us - they see so much traffic during a day that they are almost tame. The local trail series director makes the most of the hills at all the courses and it was no different here, traversing up and down the outer rim of the park several times and including one steep climb out to the upper rim that most walked during the race.
It was good times as we got in a quick 6 miles of trail and got a little bit of sun by the time we were finishing. My lungs did pretty well, so we're hoping to get in a nice 8 or 10 miler tomorrow, possibly previewing Trail Series #4 course at Palmer Park - if all goes well, we may try that one next weekend. Get out and enjoy the trails before they are covered in snow!!!
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