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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Warm summer evening trail run in Palmer Park

This was probably our warmest run this year - about 80 degrees after work. Perfect for a little run through Palmer Park. You really never can get tired of having such a variety of trails to run and this is so close to work that it is a no-brainer for evening runs. Plus it sits mostly on two large mesas and is perfect for catching evening light much later than where we live against the mountain. We started out on the Grandview mesa side of the park, then ran down into the South Canyon trail.
Coming up out of the canyon was nice, as far as uphills go, as it was mostly shaded by the time we were climbing out. When we reached the top, we headed out onto the Mesa trail and Yucca trail in order to soak in some setting sun rays!
With about 7 miles of trails in our legs, we decided to call it a day. It is always relaxing to get back in the truck and head home with the weight of the work day erased by a great trail run!
On the way home I caught some "conservationist" deer not wanting the parking lot watering to go to waste! There was a second buck to the right walking through the sprinklers, casually headed for this watering hole!
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