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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Two Gimps and a Trail Run . . .

. . . but hopefully the "Gimp" part is on the mend! Kathleen's chiropractor has pretty much narrowed the gimpy knee and hip to a leg length discrepancy and is on the way to having it fixed up. While he's at it, he is going to adjust my (Steve) tibia and fibula a couple times to help with the sprain recovery - good. However, I am on mandatory brace for a while - oh well, I'll live with that if it means I can run!!!
We hit the trail at Cheyenne Mountain State Park today to check out some of the routing for the Xterra Half Marathon that Kathleen is going to run in October. A lot of the route is reverse of the way we usually run it and turns two of the extended descents into extended climbs - just gotta train harder, right?!?! She is really concentrating on the rock drop on Cougar's Shadow here.
Steve on a buttery smooth section of Blackmer.
The clouds rolled in EARLY today along with a lot of haze from the CA fires. We had some "nice" lightning over the mountain "encouraging" us to speed up toward the very end of the run!
Kathleen cruises the rock garden on Zook Loop.
Happy to be finished and not hurting - both! Sweet! I finished with 8 miles and Kathleen did an extra loop on the Medicine Wheel (think uphill, all boulders!) and finished on Zook for 9.5 miles. We kept it shorter today while test driving Dr. Dale's handy work. We had a great time but certainly were not through with running thoughts for the day. By the way, we "stimulated" the economy running style - new Brooks Cascadia 4 for both. Were suckers for shoes, what can we say???!!!

We headed from the run over to the expo for the American Discovery Trail Marathon - we were on a mission to pick up packets and bibs for a fine group of TATUR's coming in tonight to run the race from Tulsa, OK. Of course, they are coming in via Albuquerque because they ran the New Mexico Marathon earlier today - so they are doubling up for their holiday festivities. Since it is right in our back yard, we'll slip onto the trail to run a bit with Ken and possibly a couple of his friends and then meet up with Dana at the finish area to cheer them home! Because of a certain "fascination" Ken developed for the Incline (see end of Winter Park post) while visiting earlier this week - rumor has it that any fuel left in the tank may be expended on a little foray out to Colorado's Stairmaster - OUCH!!! Say tuned . . .
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