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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Morning run at Ute Valley Park

Took a snapshot when we were getting ready to run this morning - this was from 8 o'clock. These are our favorite weather spots we watch on Weather Channel. Of course, we started at 8:30 so it was up to 9 when we left and we were treated to some beautiful sunny skies! We got a treat this morning and were able to run with our friend C during some of her off-season recovery time. We have been friends with her and her husband, P, for years. She is one of our local elite runners and a mother of 4 - WOW!!! :-)
The girls running on the top of the bluff.
A "chilly" group photo at the finish (of course, Kathleen forgot to take her "spy" mask down for the photo :-0 ). We had a great time running today and the sunshine helped out a lot with the cool start. Including our to-and-from home, we ended up with a nice 7.25 miler - plenty for us after two long-ish runs on the previous days. Definitely Happy Trails at Ute Valley on a beautiful morning and we enjoyed the company!
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