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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Solo Run

It was an odd morning - for some reason we slept in, which we rarely ever do. That meant no time for Kathleen to run before she had to head off for work :-( So I headed over to Ute Valley Park to get some turnover in the legs on great trails. Though crisp, the sun was out strong today and felt really good on the run.
Cresting the hill on the western rim of the park and enjoying the sun's rays to the fullest. I often wonder what people think when you stop running to take some pictures? I guess before we even started a blog we still took photos while out riding or running but we know others who have no pictures of themselves out doing what they love. I guess we like to have some "documentation" for our hard work!!!
From the southern rim of UVP, this photo is looking northwest toward the Air Force Academy which sits at the base of the mountain on the far right. We might run there tomorrow on their fantastic Falcon Trail system.
Looking up the trail, ready to crest the hill and drop into the valley.
If you live here and get tired of looking at this massive mountain, you need to have your pulse checked. Pikes Peak is awe inspiring and if you would like to be humbled, come run up the face of it via Barr Trail - we'll even cheer you on!
It was a long week and I needed a good run today - UVP served up just what I was looking for! The family I have worked with for 18 years lost another member of the family Monday - second funeral in 6 weeks and that is a drag. So it was good to get out and enjoy the fact that we are healthy, we can run the trails, and life is good! When you think about it that way, every day is a good day! Happy Trails!

Shoes - Montrail Odyssey
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