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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Good Morning Run

Friday morning as I was getting ready to run go to work,  we had just the right cloud cover for a spectacular orange sunrise and I was able to click off a few shots before heading to the grind.  The photo above is untouched, right out of the camera, as our shots always are.
This photo, however, I shot with the white balance adjusted for cloudy skies and forced the ISO to 80, requiring a steady hand with little light, but also producing a brilliantly saturated sunrise, helped out a bit by technology, just like photographers have done for years.  I think both are awesome, and had I not been in Dockers and street shoes, probably would have inspired a good run....

Saturday morning Kathleen had to work.  We were ambitious for a good pre-work run (yes, WE - I did not wait for the good weather...) and got out right away in some brisk, cool air to head up and over Flying W road ~ on the trail of course...
We ran up to the top of Mesa Road and had some great early morning sun looking over the Garden of the Gods - makes you wish for more time to run those trails, too!!!
Happy Trails - Queen's Canyon off in the distance....
Better look at Queen's Canyon with the "Scar" on the right...
... And the BIG view - Queen's all the way out to Blodgett Peak on the right

We were surveying the lay of the land overlooking Queen's Canyon as we are interested in getting back in there for a run.  The folks from Team C.R.U.D. ran there recently and we missed out, however, one of them posted some good photos here.  We'll be finding out about that route and you should see some photos shortly!  So we ended up doing a fairly standard route of ours totaling 10 miles - pretty good effort for getting it done before K had to blaze to work.  We did a double crossing of Flying W, starting with the 9.5% grade from our side, then coming back over the longer approach with a little lighter grade on the way home.  It was a great perceived effort and we made some good tracks to get it packed in pre-work.  Definitely a nice jaunt!  

Hope everyone out there has a great week coming up - if you are starting some holiday travels, have a great Thanksgiving and keep running to burn off those turkey dinners and pumpkin pies!

10 miles, 1200' climb
Shoes - K Asics 2150
S New Balance 1064
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