If you’re lucky enough to be in the mountains, you’re lucky enough!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Mountain bike ride at Greenland/Spruce Mountain

Today, Becky and I headed over to one of our favorite mountain bike and trail running areas, the Greenland/Spruce Mountain loop. It was a gorgeous, sunny morning with temperatures forecasted for the low 90's. We got out early to beat the heat!
The loop is virtually non-technical and passes through lots of rolling, open prairie grassland (the Greenland portion). The "prettier" part is Spruce Mountain. The trail on top of Spruce Mountain (above) passes by beautiful rock outcroppings and travels through a shady conifer forest, a nice relief from the intense sun of the shadeless prairie.
Kathleen reveling in the beautiful day, stunning views, and fun trail!!!!
Smiling for the camera!
View from the top looking toward Greenland.

We ended the day with a loop just under 27 miles and satisfied grins on our faces following another fun day in the saddle!!!

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