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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Day 2 in Winter Park

After dropping Sage off at Mountain Dawg Outfitters in Fraser for a few hours of doggie daycare, we headed for the St Louis Creek trailhead to start our run. Kathleen is running the Creekside trail, following St Louis Creek west from Fraser.
Creekside trail is very rocky and has many roots to navigate.
There is a nice overlook on the Flume trail with views of the creek and a good look at Byer's Peak. Notice the amount of snow still on the face of the peak - very strange for this late in the summer. Winter Park and the Fraser Valley had a very long and COLD winter this year.
We finished our run near the Rodeo Grounds and, although hazy, had a nice view across the Continental Divide. We ran 8.5 miles today on the Givelo, Creekside, and Flume trails, and had a lot of fun!
Later in the day, we took a nice hike with Sage up Little Vasquez road to Chickadee trail so she could play in the stream for a bit - she gets really hot with the black fur coat!!!
She is quite photogenic, and the smile on her face lets you in on her appreciation of such "deluxe" walks!

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