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Friday, July 11, 2008

Day 5 in Winter Park

Started the day's run on Chainsaw trail, another prime moose area - but the moose were hiding from us this trip!
We then ran up Flume trail, which follows an old logging flume along the stream - remnants of the flume remain beside the trail.
Kathleen is blazing down the Creekside trail with a nice view of the St Louis Creek flowing behind her. There is a lot of water moving through the valley still with all the snow left on the mountains!
Steve runs through one of the rocky sections on Creekside - fancy footwork came in handy on these trails.
We could not resist another shot from the Byers Peak overlook.
Bringing it home on the final section of Creekside trail. We ran 7.5 miles and once again it was Good Times!!! We picked up Sage from playing with her new friends at Mountain Dawg, stopped off at Rocky Mountain Roastery for some jet fuel (local coffee roaster with some of the best beans Steve has sampled), and headed home!!! We are blessed to have abundant recreational opportunities so close to home and we always make an effort to be thankful and not take them for granted!


Bob Gentile said...

Great Pics you guys are looking speedy!

Pinkcorker said...

I really enjoyed reading about your trip! I just can't wait to get back up to Colorado. Those trails you both ran just looked gorgeous. Great job on the blog!

Anonymous said...

WOW!! Great trail photos!! Hey- I'm about to post a blog about running skirts. Do you ever wear them? What is your opinion of them?

HappyTrails said...

Candy, in answer to your skirt question - YES, I LOVE running skirts! I did the convert to skirt!The only brand I have right now is from Skirt Sports (www.skirtsports.com). I prefer the Gym Girl model - the little shorts underneath help me feel more covered. I am hoping to order one from Atalanta (www.skirtgoddess.com) soon. They have also gotten good reviews. Check out the Pinkcorker's blog - she did a skirt review herself. You can access her blog from our page. Just do a "skirt review" search on her blog. Happy Skirting!

HappyTrails said...

Just FYI for anyone reading out there - I wear Hind SHORTS!

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