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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Plan B, Part II

We had planned a 13 mile run today, however, Kathleen was having a little leg "issue" again this morning and we decided to play it safe and ride instead. (It helps to be multisport, right?) So we ditched the running gear, threw the road bikes in the truck, and headed to the US Air Force Academy. The road riding at the Academy is some of the best in Colorado Springs for several reasons. Their road has a wide bike shoulder for a majority of the route and the surface is always in great shape. Also, the traffic is very well controlled as you can earn a swift exit from the base if you drive like a moron! Note of interest to cycling fans - the 1986 World Road Cycling Championship was held on a variation of the loop we rode today.
Looking down at the cadet living area from an overlook on top of the Academy grounds.
Since this is a military base, it must maintain some self sufficiency. There are several reservoirs on the Academy although most are more "hidden" than this. There are a few others we pass when on the trail as well. Back to the ride - we did one counter-clockwise and one clockwise loop for a total of 30 miles of great riding. The route is rolling with a couple good climbs in each direction. Great day in the saddle!

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Bob Gentile said...

not sure what is going on with Kathleen's leg..hope it's feeling better...

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