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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Racing Daylight

Denial can only go so far ... we are at that time of year where daylight and post-work runs are mixing less and less! We headed over to Palmer Park for an evening trail run and squeezed in some nice miles and warm temps. Steve got in a quick lap and Kathleen joined in when she arrived. We lost the sun behind Pikes Peak with about a mile to go so it was not too bad. Off in the distance, you can barely make out the red rock formations of Garden of the Gods against the mountains. It is nice not having a lot of skyscrapers to block the views around town!
Steve put together 7 miles and Kathleen 5, so it was a good weeknight trot. We saw a lot of folks out on the trails, so it appears everyone is trying to maximize their outdoor time. We'll take every night like this we can get and we might even consider some night running this fall - anyone have suggestions for good headlamps that work for trail running? We have done a bunch on bikes at night, but not really any runs. Get out and enjoy the trails!!!


T Z said...

I highly recommend this light. It has served me well for over 2 years. Goes for 2 all-night runs before needing new batteries. It lights the place up.


HappyTrails said...


Are you able to see well enough to run technical trails? Wasn't sure if the LED light made everything 'flat' or not. Thanks.

T Z said...

Well, I do slow down a little at night over the more technical trails. The thing I like about this light is it puts out a wide spread of light as opposed to lights that put out a long beam. The high powered lights that light a ray some 100 yards or so seem to bounce up and down a lot, and pretty soon I am queezy. I never notice the bounce with this Princeton light. As far of making things seem flat, no. I am able to pick up the rocks and roots nearly as well as in the daytime. (It's those little 2 inch high stumps than get me every time! :-Þ) I have recommended it to several of my TATUR friends and they all like theirs.

Blog My Runs.com said...

so it was a good weeknight trot.

Yup I agree...great job guys!!

Anonymous said...

oh what a bummer.

Daylight and post-work runs are mixing less and less with my schedule as well.

IT sucks.


Pinkcorker said...

I'm looking into some headlamps myself, because I'll be doing some night running this fall pacing someone at a race. I'll report back with what I find! I'm leaning toward one with a red lens, which allows you to use your 'night vision' while giving off a little light. Seems endless all the toys and gadgets one could use to trail run...
Sending good thoughts your way...

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