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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Garden of the Gods run ... an old favorite!

We decided to run the Garden trails today and attempt to get a little mileage since I had been inactive for almost 3 weeks until yesterday's run. It was forecast to be nice today - but we do live in Colorado - so we headed out to partly cloudy and only mid-40's for our run. (Guess it beats SNOW!!!) As always, the trails in the Garden were sweet and there was a lot of trail traffic - runners, hikers, horses - as everyone is getting out ahead of a possible storm system Mon/Tues.
We started with our traditional route around the north on the Palmer and Bretag trails. We did avoid the Siamese Twins loop in order to cut out a couple short, steep climbs for Steve. Above Kathleen is making the rocky descent off of the Niobrara trail and relishing one of the periods of sunshine that we enjoyed.
Steve comes up out of an unnamed trail below the bluff on Niobrara. The effects of 3 weeks off were starting to accumulate and the expectations of a 10 miler were starting to fade, but I was putting the game face on to try and extend my day.
Here is a nice shot across the valley floor - see the spec far away on the trail and you will notice how far ahead Kathleen has pulled by now. We were definitely enjoying the day out on the trails regardless of the cooler weather. Dry, ice-free trails will be welcomed as long as we can keep them!
Nearing the end of the day for Steve, just a bit before heading out for a finish of 8.5 miles.
Kathleen did an extra loop on the Dakota trail and I was walking out the legs just in time to catch her coming out of the trees in the home stretch. She got her 10 miles in and we had a great day - Happy Trails for sure!!!
Shoes - K Asics Trail Sensor2
S Brooks Cascadia 3, which are a HUGE disappointment and will be retired way too early!


T Z said...

No likey the Cascadias? I like them for easy to medium trails.

HappyTrails said...

I had always been a diehard Montrail guy but wanted a little more cush. So I tried the Brooks and I have 2 pairs of Cascadia 2 and they are bombproof on everything I run. The new one is way too squeamish on anything but flat and smooth. That's what my Asics road shoes are for. I think the upper is too soft and lacks support for real trails. So, I am going to try the new Montrail Wildwood and see how it goes. ;-)

T Z said...

Let me know what you think of the Wildwood. I've been eyeing it for a month or two.

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