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Sunday, December 14, 2008

I-T-S C-O-L-D!!!

We're not usually real keen on exercising outdoors when it is sub-zero, but we ventured out to the Manitou Incline today with the mercury at 5, and wind chill -10. That is COLD. The trainers are set up in the living room, but they'll have to wait because we wanted out of the house! So we bundled up in wool, Sporthill 3SP, and screw shoes and headed out the door.
Since the climb up the Incline and the run down Barr Trail encompasses about an hour or so total, we figured we could endure the cold for a short period and get in a hard workout. Here is Kathleen preparing to face the brutal midsection of the climb - 68% grade!
Summit at last! It was snowing lightly the whole time and we only saw 5 people on the climb - usually the hill is buzzing with eager victims!!!
We stopped BRIEFLY for a photo on the summit - 8600' and quite chilly. The "sun" teased us a few times but was little comfort today. Yesterday we ran in sun and 52 degrees - what a difference a day makes!
Yes, that is Steve doing some Eskimo trail running...
... and Kathleen following suit!
It got cold running downhill so Steve had to throw on his wind shell - good thing as a little color helps against the bleak grayness of the day.
One of the brief moments of sun peaking out on the descent of Barr Trail. It was a good first test for the screw shoes this year as the traction was almost better on the snow than it is on the decomposed granite surface when Barr Trail is dry. It was a good, quick workout and sure beats sitting on the trainer for an hour! Looks like we have an entire week of this weather ahead of us - oh boy! Have a great week!

Shoes S - Montrail Continental Divide w/screws
K - Nike Air Terra Ridge w/screws


T Z said...

Cold temps like that sure keep you moving. No time for a summit picnic I see. Makes me wanna go outside and enjoy my balmy 18 degrees.

Footfeathers said...

Man, I'm taking today and tomorrow off completely. WAY too cold and body needs it.

I'll never whine again when it's 30 degrees! I'm jealous of you two with your trainers and dvds...sounds fun.

Pinkcorker said...

Okay, I thought it was cold here. I just finished eating frozen yoghurt, so I guess not. :)
You two are tough.

Diane-SportHill said...

SportHill designer here, nice post.
Can SportHill use some of you photos and testimonials?

HappyTrails said...


Feel free to use the photos if you would like. We love 3SP! It's a great fabric. Our only "issue" is sizing has been a bit inconsistent - just FYI. Keep up the good design work - we need WARM clothes!!!

Diane-SportHill said...

Great, thanks! Any way to get some hi-res photos? You can you contact SportHill to get my phone and email.

HappyTrails said...


Do I need to call, email, ...?
If you want, you can email us:


Anonymous said...

Kathleen!!!!! I'm SO IMPRESSED with you guys!!

it's only 34 here, and I'm still thinking it's TOOOO COLD to run. I drive by my trails everyday and think of what a great idea it would be.....then I think..."naaaahhh"

(((but according to my marathon training schedule, I'm supposed to be up to 13 miles right now.!!!! YIKES.))))

your views are GORGEOUS.

Anonymous said...
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