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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

It was a beautiful day and what a fitting way to celebrate Christmas - a great trail run at Garden of the Gods! Pikes Peak was crowned with clouds, but aside from that, crystal-clear blue sky reigned the day.

The trails were in awesome shape and with temps in the 30's to start, then into the 40's later in the day, it felt downright balmy after a couple weeks of brisk temps.
Running past the Siamese Twins arch, had to stop and get a photo of the Peak through the keyhole...
... and with some awkward footing, got a group photo there as well!!!

Finishing strong on the trails with a little over 10 miles for the day. A great day and a lot of runners out on the trails. We were headed for Steve's sister's house to have a family Christmas tradition - Lasagna. What a meal after a good run, topped off with Chocolate Espresso cake - mmmm - Happy Trails!


Anonymous said...

what a PERFECT day!!!!

anything involving Chocolate Espresso cake is .....NICE.

Leslie's Keith said...

SO jealous of the 'trail conditions'...since ours are covered with snow, and we won't see trails like that again until May! (But our Christmas Ski Tour rocked...)

Thanks for sharing,

Keith and Les

HappyTrails said...

Thanks Keith!
It's funny - people come here and "OOOH" & "AAAH" over our scenery. Then we look at your scenery and do the same!!! That backdrop of you running the frozen lake last week looked like a painted movie prop! Awesome!


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