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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Lake Pueblo South Shore Trails

The weather forecast was calling for 50's in Pueblo ... so it was road trip day!!! We headed 45 miles south on I-25 to Pueblo, Colorado and out to Lake Pueblo State Park's South Shore trail system. Although developed for mountain biking, the trails are absolutely perfect for running - classic desert singletrack! You could potentially put together a high-quality 25 - 35+ mile run (if you can run that far!) on the trails here. Plus, according to state park's web page, there are about 15 more miles of singletrack in the development stage. Pretty cool!
We started on the Cuatro Cinco trail, winding our way down toward Rock Canyon and the South Shore. We have not had dry and snow-free trails near home in a while now, so we were in heaven running the rocky and dusty trails today - absolutely dry!
Kathleen crosses a small creek between Cuatro Cinco and the start of Pedro's Point.
We climbed up onto Pedro's Point trail and then took Pronghorn trail over to the Outer Limits. This is an awesome singletrack that weaves along the canyon rim above one of the reservoir's large inlets. Surprisingly, there is more water now than there was when we were here in October.
Calm waters. Far off in the distance you can see the snowcapped top of Pikes Peak.
Kathleen rolls along the Outer Limits trail...
... and Steve is not far behind.
After reaching the end of the Outer Limits trail, we headed back in on the Pedro's Point trail. When we reached the crossing of Pedro's and Waterfall, we headed down off of the mesa, back toward the South Shore.
Kathleen descending some of the step-downs on Waterfall.
And Steve coming over several of the rock slabs.
Nearing the drop out into the South Shore from Waterfall.
One more look back up the trail before heading over to the Rock Canyon trail. The climb back out to the trailhead on Rock Canyon is about 1 mile and ascends a dry wash, layered with broken shale and mounds of bubbly igneous rock. It is tricky footing on tired legs!
We finished our day with almost 13 miles of fantastic desert singletrack and uninterrupted sunshine! If you would like to see the aerial map on Google, click here. It was 61 degrees when we left the trailhead and we were wishing we could stay for more of the same tomorrow. It was nice to get a long run in without mud, snow, or ice in the middle of January but we know it is a bit too early to get used to that yet. It felt rather odd to not be wearing multiple layers of clothing or gloves in the middle of winter - but we'll take it if we can! Happy Trails!!!

Shoes- Asics Gel Trabuco for both of us.


T Z said...

It's been a weird winter so far. High temps all over the charts. Glad you guys are getting your runs in, and great photos as always. Seems really dry there. It that the norm? Here, even though we've had very little rain, I always seem to find a little mud.

HappyTrails said...

Pueblo is quite arid, so it is not unusual for it to be dry. It is feast or famine for us on moisture since we are considered alpine desert, even in Colorado Springs. Near home we have a lot of mud from the snow/ice/melt cycle. You normally won't see us running on much of it because most of the soil has high bentonite clay content, which turns to ankle swallowing mud that won't come off the shoes. We did not have the warm days during winter, which is normal here, last year so we are taking advantage of them while they are here!!!

Anonymous said...


It looks so beautiful and CLEAR!



I'm sorry I have not left many comments lately- life has just hit me in the face. shheeeesh. I hope you're doing well, and I plan on catching up with your blog tonight.



Bob - BlogMYruns.com said...

Hey Steve...Trabuco is not a neutral shoe so that I don't think will work for me but that Montrail Wildwood is so maybe I will try them, I did try the montrail Odyssey they were ok in the front but really narrow overall...

hence just typing this kinda pisses me off cause I wasted so much money on shoes that I just buy and end up giving away, not that I mind giving but can a brother get a shoe for himself --LOL

ummm Leadville well a lot of people talked me out of it--haha and I kinda agree in one respect I need to get a little faster because not only will the altitude be rough and climbing but I have to move at a pretty good clip cause it has that 30 hour cutoff... and typical races with that much climb and altitude usually are 34-36 hour cut offs SOOOOOO it is still on my wish list but this year will end up being goals to run faster :-)

I can't wait till u guys do a few ultras both of you can NO doubt do the 50 milers and have a ton of fun... email me if you ever want to talk about the distances.

and Great Re-cap and photos post!!!!!

HappyTrails said...

YES!!!!! Sept's Golden Leaf is one of my "definite" events on the calendar. I have been salivating over it for a few years so I just need to DO IT! It will be kinder to your body than the pavement has been treating you. It will be FUN and it's all about having FUN! Hope you guys will be able to make it out!

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