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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Back to the Scene of the Crime . . .

I can admit it now - I have been in a bit of a funk for the past five weeks since spraining my ankle at Cheyenne Mountain State Park. Previous to that, I had been enjoying arguably my best block of fitness in my entire adult life. So to have a set back because of one poor foot plant has had me in a fog. I decided on our vacation to just run with it (pun intended) and enjoy the fact that I can run, am otherwise healthy, and have so many awesome trails so close to home. Life is still good!!!!
When we decided to hit the trails Sunday at Cheyenne Mountain, however, I knew there was one thing I had to do. I needed a little face time with the snag that snatched my foot and here he is - a nice little hook-shaped foot grabber. In lieu of being arrested, I had to forego my plan to extricate him from the trail - so his mug shot on the blog will have to do. Now, breathe . . .
. . . With that out of the way, it was time for some running! We headed out on some of our favorite trails - the Talons, Sundance, Blackmer, and Zook. It just so happens that these trails, and others, will be part of the Xterrra Marathon and Half Marathon here in October. Since the Vasque Golden Leaf is now just a very slim possibility due to schedule issues, and the Blue Sky Races only having 50k or marathon spots left, this may be the fall half marathon we were looking for. It's also right in our backyard, so home course knowledge will hopefully help! This is me running on Talon, with Cheyenne Mountain behind.
Kathleen is coming up to the top of North Talon, with the plains stretching out in the distance. We were rather negligent in our photography today - apology extended in advance. Considering that the Nikon almost overheated on vacation, it probably needed a rest of it's own! The trails were great and we had almost no traffic which still amazes us at this awesome park. Aside from being a pay to play (we have an annual pass) we can't figure out why it is not used more. And we have not done much advertising to help increase the traffic :-)
It was good to be back on familiar trails after a week of all new tread. We had fun this weekend also watching the web updates for the Leadville 100 MTB race and the Pikes Peak Ascent and Marathon. We missed seeing our friend CW contend for top woman in the Ascent this year - hopefully she'll be back next year, speedier than ever. Also, our friend JM (at 64 yrs young!) continues to amaze us with a great run in the marathon - 2nd in her class - wow!

Happy Trails!

the stats: 13 miles, 2300' elevation gain
shoes: Saucony Progrid Xodus


Slomohusky said...

You couldn't leave a Ankle Grabber Snag Here sign (smile). Sorry, hate injuries (as if anyone does?). Knock on wood - I have gone 9 months now injury free. Keep kickin the dirt.

Tina at Gotta Run Now said...

How great that you can train on the race route for the Xterra half marathon!

Too bad about your fall. That does look like a bad, bad snag in the trail!

Danni said...

That ankle attacker is incredibly big!!!

Meg Runs said...

So sorry to hear about you mom. I hope you continue to find strength and hope and I'll be praying for her! By the way, I hope my husband appreciates the shapely legs..after all of this hard work! Is that why you wear skirts? They really do flatter legs, don't they!?

HappyTrails said...

Thank you for your kind thoughts and prayers. Mom'm got prayers going up for her all around the country - it's wonderfully amazing. Sometimes things still happen opposite of what we pray for - life still happens but God walks us through it. I am sure your hubby will appreciate your shapely legs as well as everyone else who gets to see them - I had three people track me down to compliment me on my muscular legs
last week, including our favorite grocery checker! They all wanted to know what I did to make them look the way they do - made me feel good! I like to wear skirts because they are comfortable and girlie. Keep working hard and running those trails! :-)

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