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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Soggy trails ...

We had close to 1 inch of rain on the north end of town last night, so Falcon Trail was off for today. Down near Cheyenne Mountain, there was only 1/2 inch, so we headed down to Cheyenne Mountain State Park for a trail run. Forecast was for mostly sunny and 70 - not happening! We had fog/clouds and 50ish all day. Still a good day for a run!
Start the watch and head out. BTW, where's the mountain?!?!
We shared the trail with more turkeys than people today!
It was awesome on top of the Talon trails with the fog settled in on the mountain. Here Kathleen is cresting Talon North.
Steve not far behind.
Mystical beauty
All smiles after a great run. Just under 14 miles of spectacular trail with 2500'+ elevation gain. Happy Trails!

Shoes - K La Sportiva Wildcat
S Brooks Cascadia


GZ said...

Cool shot of the birds!

Meg Runs said...

Turkeys?! How fun. Are you even worried about lightening? Is that why you don't do too much in the rain?

Looks like you had fun. Way to sneak in almost 14 miles!

HappyTrails said...

Lightning is a big issue here because you are so much closer to the clouds, but those were more like fog clouds than storm clouds. We usually don't run in the rain because it is never warm here when it rains, so you have to be cautious of hypothermia.

Slomohusky said...

Sorry, busy week for me, I have seem to miss this soggy posting.

I thoroughly miss running in the rain growing up in Seattle (not). Well, actually I do sometimes. It can be very refreshing. In Seattle when it rains it is a pretty constant drizzle. When I lived in the Midwest, rain was what some described as a Baptist Downpour. Heavy and lots of it. A real baptism.

Even with grey skies though, your trails look like a great run and fun!

Thanks for sharing!

Tina at Gotta Run Now said...

You saw turkeys on the run?!

I see you've pulled out your long sleeves. Must be getting cooler! : )

Meg Runs said...

K-Thanks for your kind words on my blog. Running is a precious time to reflect and work things out and I just thank you for those reminders. You and your husband are more than runners, more than bloggers...you are such great encouragers too! Thanks for inspiring...

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