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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Spies Like Us ...


... Oh, you're morbidly curious? THE WEATHERMAN LIES - There, I got that off my chest. Here is the trail leading in to Ute Valley Park at around noon. Notice the mostly sunny sky, 51 degrees, and no snow? You don't see it? That's because it snowed some more, made more ice on the trail, and was topping out around 19 with a 9 wind chill at startup!!! But I'm not bitter or anything....
As for the post title, one of my friends commented last year when he saw pix of us running bundled up that we looked like spies - cool. 007 runners! Stopped for a pic at the favorite arch in UVP - not Moab sized, but hey it's only 3 miles from home.
James Bond style running - secret mission in the Alps maybe? We even required the use of our "secret weapon" against ice today - the screw shoe. Earliest appearance for us with those beasts as they usually are not out until December/January. If you are not familiar with the species, basically you strategically place sheet metal screws in the sole of the shoe in order to avoid falling and breaking: elbows, hips, clavicles, wrists, etc....) For some odd reason, the sandstone in Ute was slicker than greased glass today - good thing we suited up!!!
It was peaceful down in the valley - the ice covered grasses were drooping under the weight and the frosted conifers were cool looking. It was also quiet because most were not courageous (or too smart...) enough to run :-0
Kathleen makes her way up a steep hill. Once we got "warmed up", it actually was tolerable to run. We settled into a nice snow pace and churned out 9 miles of trail and then got inside to warm up! We are really hoping this front is a blip on the radar, as it is far, far too early for these temps to be coming around. If winter is this early, start me a drip of double strength Prozac please! Most likely you'll see us running in brilliant Colorado sunshine again soon (unless you get frostbite and quit visiting our blog...) Happy Trails!

Shoes - K Nike Terra Ridge w/screws
S Asics Trabuco w/screws
(Clothing Note - If you are required to run frequently in sub-20 degree wind chills, I would highly recommend trying out Sporthill 3SP products - it's a spun polypropylene fabric that is windproof to 35 mph, still breathes, and is awesome.)


GZ said...

No BUTT cold label today? :)

Yeah - the weatherman lies. Good thing they delayed the ball game from one cold night to a ... umm ... a cold night.

Anonymous said...

sounds like a visit to Sunny Cal is in the cards??

Meg Runs said...

You are the "dynamic duo," for sure. Incognito running looks like fun, that WAS you both, right?!
Brrrr....you can send people to sunny San Diego too.

Slomohusky said...


Your assingment 007's is to find the Grinch who stole your Fall.

HappyTrails said...

GZ - yes - Imagine hitting a 90 mph fastball with a frozen bat!!!

Tim - what happened to your blog? and don't think a Cali trip has not entered the discussion...

Meg - as far as you know it was us!

Slomo - hate calling you that but don't know your name - that grinch is toast if we catch him. However, forecast (so far) is high 60's this weekend AAAHH!

Tina at Gotta Run Now said...

Brrr!!! But it sure is pretty!

Danni said...

Is it REALLY winter time! Funny post.

Pinkcorker said...

BRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!! Well, if it will make you feel any better, Nashville is having a cold spell. I'll be running my 60k tomorrow here with 40 degree weather at the start and the high will only be 49. The overnight low will be 34 tomorrow night! Can't wait to get back to sunny Tucson.
Love the 007 look.

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