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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Play Day in the Snow

Got some good wet, heavy snow last night and were expecting more today.  However the sun broke out late morning, so instead of staying in for the day, we ventured out in the cold for a little trail/snow run. The storm actually went "dry" as the fancy weather folk would say.  Cold north wind kept the accumulation low, whereas a warmer, upslope wind would have dumped more on us.  We got about 6 inches total in the NW part of town, so not too bad.  Ute was a winter wonderland when we got out.
Usually get this more in the spring snows, but I love the icicles on the spruce.

 Kathleen heading into Ute Valley, glad to be out of the wind!
 Footing was tricky as there was water running under the snow in a lot of spots.
 Looking over the bluff toward the mountains.
 Kathleen navigating the boulders - the snow hides a lot of loose rock, so footing is tentative on days like this.
 The "stream" was little wider this morning!
Enjoying the day and glad we got out for a while instead of holing up.  Plus we were able to get some nice pics in the snow and some fresh, crisp air in the lungs.  Happy Snowy Trails!


Slomohusky said...

Looks like a perfect run. Like the icicles. Do you go home to some hot soup/stew or chili? Thanks for sharing :)!!! So, beautiful.

Oh, thanks for the foam roller advice. The knees are feeling better as the day progressed. As long as I stay off the stairs at least. Same with the foot. Still, I need to take some time to rest.

T Z said...

I bet a good run in the snow makes Starbucks even better after the run!!!

Anonymous said...
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Happy Feet 26.2 said...

You guys are tough! After my fall yesterday with no snow, I'm not sure about running in the snow. I did try it a few times on skiing trips to CO, but I was a chicken the whole way.

Tara said...

Love your pics! They are beautiful. I can't wait until I am well enough to get in some good trail runs. They are so hard in the snow, but sooo peaceful and good for the soul!
We only got 6 inches where we are located too, but what a gorgeous afternoon snow it was!

Tina at Gotta Run Now said...

A winter wonderland!

Meg Runs said...

Such a peaceful wonderland, thanks for the lovely pictures. Do you have to put anything on your shoes to run in the snow? Silly question I know...

HappyTrails said...

Slomo - usually home to some sort of Coffee or Yerba Mate tea!

TZ - mmmmmm, Starbucks!!!!

Meg - If you mean for traction, usually yes - we each have a pair of shoes with screws in the bottom for snow/ice control.

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