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Sunday, March 28, 2010


March 28, 2010 - Reuters - Colorado:  A normally peaceful, quiet, and happy-go-lucky Colorado couple snaps and goes on a rampage, driving their SUV wildly through muddy parks after winter continues to bludgeon their trail running efforts...More details at 10.

This could have been us.  Three spring dumps in 8 days has taken it's mental toll.  We're tired of winter and this ain't whining any more.  Just plain done with it!
Photo from I-25 from this last storm - not even funny Old Man Winter!

So when the dust, umm Powder, cleared from Friday's storm and the weather report for Saturday was continued flurries, Happy Trails was at the breaking point.  We got in a 5 miler yesterday and that was all we could take - 35 - 45 mph winds, temp 31 with 15 wind chill is just plain wrong for March 27!!!
Well, Sunday dawned with sunny skies and expected temps in the low 50's.  Good sun, good temp, however - lots o' mud.  We did not care - if we did not get the miles today, the short 50 mile drive to the state mental hospital in Pueblo was on our to-do list!!!  We headed over to the North entrance of the Air Force Academy to start our run on the Santa Fe trail - not singletrack, but it is dirt and kept us off the pavement!
Nice view of Mt Baldy holding a good stash of spring freshies.
Lots and lots of water running through the Academy streams!
There was no way we were running in knickers, even with the 40 degree start - Kathleen sporting a wonderful pink ensemble.  Go away winter, we want warm trail running!!!  Nice view of Pikes Peak-ing out over Blodgett Peak.
Air Force Falcon Stadium on a beautiful day.
Good full view of Pikes - note the sign on the left:  Definitely don't want low flying aircraft while we are running!!!
MUCH Happier Trails today - regardless of the shoe swallowing mud at times, sun and an eventual 50 degrees puts a smile on our face.  (Now we just need to work on the tan lines....)
More snow being held on the north end but we did not care.  The run was just what the Dr. ordered today and we had a great time out on the trail.  We were able to run 12.5 miles, enjoy the sun, renew our will to live - you know, all the things that happen on a good spring run after shoveling 2 feet of snow in the past week!  It was good to be out - and most of the whining is tongue-in-cheek, just FYI!!!  (Although that could change if we get Armageddon Snow week again - stole that line from Jill, who feels our pain too!!!)  Have a great week and Happy Trails!

Shoes - Asics 2150 Trail


Julie said...

Hi Guys,
It looks like you had a wonderful run in a gorgeous state park!! Great pictures...Kathleen look at your fantastic running form!! I also like your running outfit..very cute! You are still getting snow!?! Well, I guess I wouldn't be shocked if Minnesota gets hit with one more big broom ha before the month is over! At least the temps are warming up a bit:) I hope that you two have a fabulous week!

ajh said...

You always have such great pictures. Glad you got outside. I had two cold cold runs outside, well one wasn't too cold but it was good to be out. I volunteered at a race today and that is when it was cold. I ran really early before the wind and that was great!

Tina @GottaRunNow said...

I almost fell for it... I was almost feeling sorry for you, but then I saw those photos of where you run and I'm sorry, but it's real hard to feel too badly for anyone who gets to run in such beauty! ; )

footfeathers said...

BEAUTIFUL day today. Arrived in Boulder at 4pm and kissed the ground.
See you two soon! Maybe this weekend??

HappyTrails said...

Julie - no comment on still snowing...Thanks on the outfit compliment.

AJH - yesterday COLD, but today - Awesome and NO wind!

Tina - you've got us figured out, but we see your temps and there is NO comparison!!!

Tim - WELCOME HOME! Will email about runs.

Ace said...

Seriously, enough snow shoveling cross training for me!

Happy Feet 26.2 said...

Our weather is GREAT now, but it is cooler than normal here too. GREAT for my Boston training so I am not complaining at all, but hubby is sick of the cool weather. He said yesterday "I am ready to sweat."

Meg said...

Ha! I 'm so happy you stayed clear of the mental hospital...that would have been a disaster; no pink ensembles nor CamelBaks allowed in there!
A very grateful Footfeathers found something to love about Boulder right now, he even kissed the ground, wow! I'm sure you'll be doing the same by this weekend and we're supposed to have rain by Wednesday, weird.
Again, K, very cute pink outfit, the skirt is darling!!

Slomohusky said...

Crazy Early Spring weather! Isn't March supposed to go out like a Lamb?

Jill said...

These gorgeous 78 degree temps like today are teasing us, rumor is another "storm" headed in for the weekend!!??!! Errrrr! I guess we gotta take what we can get in little spurts, you guys always find the most beautiful routes to run and I vow when I am done with this suicide Boston mission, I'm going to venture down South and indulge in your gorgeous trails! Hope you're enjoying this gorgeous weather this week and sneaking in some nice runs while you can ...and if we DO get another Armegeddon storm, you may as well as for a room for 3 in Pueblo!! Happy Trails!! :) (and btw, Kathleen, LOVE that darling pink outfit!! It's sooo you!)

Renee W. said...

Cutest outfit ever Kathleen!!! ;)

Jennifer said...

Love the 'breaking headlines" I think this year there are lots of folks feeling the same way! BTW great pictures!

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