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Monday, May 31, 2010

Red Rock Canyon Circuit

Steve is frequently the blog author for Happy Trails (I do lurk in the background adding my two cents, however) but insisted on relinquishing control of the keyboard to me today.  We woke to another beautiful, bluebird day in Colorado this Memorial Day weekend and had a hard time deciding where to run.   I am SO thankful to have Steve back and that he is seemingly on the road to recovery from his little "issue" - we still needed to choose a location where he could cut the run short if need be and I could continue onward.  Red Rock Canyon, one of our nearby, favorite areas fulfilled the requirements.
A most lovely cloudless sky greeted us today.
Red Rock Canyon can act as a spring board for almost limitless trail access and exploration in our local mountains.  I just wish we had the legs and lungs to cover the endless miles available!
Ahhhh, finally a Steve sighting!  Poor guy was left out of the weekend photo ops.  He's back now!
I was contemplating doing repeats up and down and back and forth in the shade of the Contemplative Trail.  I was thanking God for every blessed rock outcropping, tree, and scrub oak bush that provided intermittent sections of shade and petitioning Him to please sprout a few more (trees, that is) in the open areas along our favorite routes.  :-)
Spiderman was spotted climbing the Whale.
Yes, Steve is happy (Kathleen is happy, too, to have him back!).  He is running, feeling good, and I took his picture.
We were also remiss in Group Photo Taking this weekend.  Now we are back on track!

What can we say?  It was a picture perfect day - bluebird skies, 75ish degrees, gorgeous eye candy scenery, and we both felt pretty decent.
We were content with about 12 miles and 2000ish feet of climbing.  It was all good in Happy Trails Land. 

Happy trails and lots of  FUN running this week!
S - La Sportiva Wildcat
K - Asics 2150 Trail


T Z said...

Different poeple take different approaches to training. For me, when running quits being fun, I'll poobably hang it up. For me, the intensity in which I train allows time for silliness and yes, pictures. Were I focused on being faster and placing or winning races, I'd probably have to cut some of the silliness out. But I won't do that. My desire to do long races and still have fun lends itself to picture taking and blogging.

That being said, I sincerly hope you won't give up on blogging and posting your reports and pics. You have a huge fan club out here!

ajh said...

Yes, we will miss the pics if you stop entirely as they are so beautiful. I am running the Colorado trails vicariously through you two!

Tina @GottaRunNow said...

I don't like to bring my camera all of the time so I take pics and then just use one here and there from what I've already taken. I'll miss your photos.

Looking forward to your post on completing 20 miles on the trails this summer!

HappyTrails said...

TIME OUT - just because I let her write (kid around) today, I still carry the camera!!!!!!!!!!!! If I am going to be the Sherpa, I'm taking pictures!

Anonymous said...

If you're always going to carry the camera AND take the photos, then how are you going to be photographed?
I can help you check off that 20 mile run on your todo list!
Glad Steve's back in action too.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I got into the Dirty 30 50k this coming Saturday.

Jill said...

Thank goodness Steve have confiscated the blog again and the camera's not off to ebay-land!! Phewww....

As always, such beautiful pictures and some excellent running - yay. Twas a picture perfect few days in CO this weekend. I think we went from winter to summer with no spring in between....hello 5a.m. running :P.

T Z said...

Ok, I sheepishly admit it. I was sucked in by Kathleen's since of DRY wit, and very dry it was. :-P

You know, actually, when I am in a race and getting fown to business (read that concerned with making the cut-offs) I tend to leave the camera in the pocket. So, if you read a race report of mine and the picture content is weak, you can read between the lines and now know that I was struggling to keep up.

Slomohusky said...

WHAT!! NO PIX! Um Steve take back full control of this Blog please!

Thanks Kathleen for your writing though. I always like hearing/reading thoughts from the better half over every relationship.

Maureen said...

I got to try to see what it was like being you guys for a week! I did a trip out west last week and saw Mt. Rushmore and things in Rapid City, SD then went to Yellowstone National Park for 3 days, stopped at Cody. Then spent a day in Jackson Hole and finally Salt Lake City before flying home! The pictures are great but they never seem to do it justice do they...

Meg said...

K-I love a girl who can run in a cheetah skirt and give me props on my black toe nails. You rock. OK, and let me be the first to ask about S's "issue." Is it on the mend? No photographs please. I'm kind of a curious blogger but I guess any info. would be TMI. Get better, S!
I'm glad you didn't bake like raisins in the sun, cover up with sunscreen and keep enjoying those trails and get on with some "real" training. That cracks me up since I'd wheeze and drop to the ground after a mile in your altitude.

Jennifer said...

Nice trail! And that blue sky is amazing, I love when that happens!

Julie said...

Hi Guys,
I am so glad to hear that everything is fantastic in Happy Trails land:) What a beautiful trail run yet again! Please do not stop taking photos!! I would be so sad not seeing your wonderful Colorado trail runs:) I agree with Ajh...we are running the trails vicariously through you! Take care!

Average A said...

Thanks so much for all your support; getting so excited for my race this weekend! What is all this craziness about you not taking anymore pictures?! That would not be a HappyTrails day for all of your followers. :)

ajh said...

I will be in CS from July 8 to 13 with those being travel days. We are racing on Sunday and hiking up Pikes Peak one day which sounds very daunting to me. My friend said we would be running Baptist Road one day and maybe that would be a good place to meet for a run if you wanted. You can let me know. I also mentioned it to Jill. If it works just know that we are slow! If it seems like it might work I can let you know a day as it gets closer. I am very excited about coming to Colorado!

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