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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Autumn in the Garden

Welcome back, fabulous Fall!  After a few cool days, our weather has returned to lovely Indian Summer the past few days.  This morning, we awoke to azure blue skies and crisp but comfortable temps to kick start our day. 

We decided to head over to Garden of the Gods for our run - Steve decided to start from home, and I,  not able to complete any real distance of late, met him at the main Garden trailhead area. 

 On the bike path, heading into the Garden
 The red rock of Kissing Camels mixed with a little Fall yellow and still lots of green
 Tentative but good
 Steve savoring the awesome weather
 Magnificent Pikes Peak temporarily sans snow
 Relishing a good day
 Red Rock Canyon
 Steve snaking through the juniper trees
 It is always picturesque in the Garden
Brown but still lovely
A Happy "Happy Trails" duo

Steve ended the day with a nice 16 miles and I ended up with around 6.5.  I was tentatively happy as today was my second run this week where I didn't encounter any crippling pain.  I am nervous, though.  My doc thinks it is a long time structural issue that is the main culprit behind my ITB pain.  And because the irritation and inflammation has been slowly building over the years, it may take some time to ease up.  We'll see.  It has been 2 months since it really flared and came crashing down and about 3 weeks since we started working on a possible remedy.  Fingers crossed that we start seeing some sustained improvement soon.  Although I try to keep a positive and sunny outlook on the situation, I have had a few low moments which have prompted a re-evaluation of things I like to do - it might be time to expand our repertoire just in case the trail running thing needs to slow down for awhile (it's pretty slow and minimal as it is - how can it slow down any more???!!!).  So some new things (mostly old things re-visited) Happy Trails might engage in for a refreshing change of pace and scenery or out of disgusting necessity:
1.  Occasional snowshoe outings
2.  Occasional XC ski days - might even give Biathlon a try one day
3.  Possibly more biking - unfortunately, right now, my heart is just not there - plus it aggravates the ITB - but who knows.
4.  Learn to swim - this one may not be optional - time will soon tell
5.  Get the creative juices flowing again and drag out the paints, brushes, and canvas
6.  Read more
7.  Laugh, have fun and enjoy life, whatever happens, whatever comes our way.
Happy Trails to everyone this week!

Shoes - K Brooks Cascadia
S - Pearl Izumi SyncroFuel XC


ajh said...

I hope this continues for you Kathleen! How wonderful to have that pain free run! Beautiful pictures. Will be anxious to hear how tomorrow goes. When I get back running I will continue to cross train believe me!

Tina @GottaRunNow said...

This is good news - a good run for you, K! You two are so fortunate to have such a beautiful place to run! And I like the colored font in your post! : )

GZ said...

Excellent - glad to hear the good news!

Kim said...

I'll be so crossing my fingers for you as I am in the same boat and struggling with many of the issues you are like cross training with the bike, snow shoeing, etc.

Funny in how 6 miles sometimes seem next to nothing when you run strong and injury free but when you are coming back from injury, it takes on a whole new meaning. So glad the pain is gone and I look forward to reading on how you do. Take care and keep on running pain free!

Johann said...

No pain, that is great news! Wonderful to see you back on the trails again. Awesome photos! The brown is just a different type of beautiful.

Tara said...

Yay! I am so glad that you got a pain free run in! I'm crossing my fingers that your run today went well.

I'm also curious to know the cause of your issues. I'm slowly getting back into running and working on my pain through PT.

Average A said...

Great news & welcome back to running! Here's to hoping that your pain-free runs will continue...

Although the scenery is something you unavoidably want to run in, i think a biathlon (and painting) sound great, too! :)


Meg said...

I am so happy to hear you're back with little steps, K. I can't wait to hear what you figured out with your chiro, please share!
Gorgeous pictures, as always!

Jill said...

Good news, K! Having been sidelined for months, I know your torment - I only have the higest of hopes things have turned around and you are back on the trails for good!!

Laura@Run_Eat_Date said...

Woo Hoo! Congrats on your fabulous Saturday run. I hope today was just as great!

T Z said...

Great news!!! We were pulling for you. Both Dana and I are grumpy campers when we can't run, and we know how frustrating it is to not be firing on at least 7 of 8 cylinders.

Paige said...

Oh how I know this feeling all too well. I really, really hope the work your doc is doing is the remedy and can get you back on track (trail!) sooner rather than later. I do, however, think it's an excellent idea to expand your hobby horizons! It's tough at first (because all you can think about is running!), but eventually gets easier and very enjoyable to try different things. I'm still working on incorporating cross-training myself :) I love the painting idea!

Ace said...

Praying for your quick and complete recovery!

Julie said...

Looks like a beautiful day for a run! I am loving this cooler weather!

Kathleen, Yay for getting out there and finishing a little over six miles! Hopefully you will continue to get stronger and will be back at your longer runs.

I am thinking about purchasing some snowshoes too! Excellent cross training for the winter:)

Take care!

brownie said...

CRUD is running the Garden this Saturday, gonna join us?

RunDangerRun said...

these pictures are so amazing. it really motivates me to find a way to run in an environment that's more natural. taking to a trail and just running it to run...someday...someway...

Happy Feet 26.2 said...

I hope your road to recovery is fast and you can continue on the trails that you so love.

shannon said...

The Garden of the Gods looks absolutely breathtaking! You are so fortunate to live in such a beautiful part of the world. Best wishes with the ITB syndrome. I know it's a common problem for runners, hopefully you'll be fully recovered soon!

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