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Monday, January 24, 2011

Pirate Trails???

It seems some road trips have been "interfering" with our running schedule the past few weeks.  Not that we have minded, really.  After six months of quiet in the house, we finally came to the realization that we were not yet meant to be a dog-less family.  We were so afraid we would never find another Sage, and then realized that we weren't in need of a replacement.  It was time for a new, different friend who did not have to "measure up" to any previous friends.  So we have made some trips here and there looking at some dogs that were being kept by various rescue organizations in Colorado.  We at first were looking for another Australian Shepherd however there are not many available for adoption right now in Colorado.  But after seeing some Australian Cattle Dogs out for runs with their humans lately, we decided to look at that breed as well.  (For those not familiar with the name - think Blue or Red Heeler) 

It just so happened that some fine folks at the Second Chance Animal Rescue from Lamar, CO, were fostering two ACD's and would have them at an adoption fair on Saturday in Colorado Springs.  So after a bit of a distracted run on Saturday morning, I headed over to the Wag'N'Wash to meet the pooches while Kathleen was at work.  I had a pretty good idea we were going home with a new friend, and after Kathleen showed up, it was confirmed - a little guy they had named Captain Hook was getting a new home. 
 The Captain

He was named as such because of the patch over his eye and the gimpy leg he had from a barbed wire gash when he was picked up as a stray.  We didn't know if a new name was in order, but after a couple days, we almost think we're leaning toward calling him Hook.  Estimated to be 10 months old, this little guy is quite a lot of fun to be around.   And, no more silence when we come home - jingly collar and pitter-patter of paws fill the house once again.  Bonus side note - he was fostered by a couple who are runners and had been running a few miles at a time with him!
 Finally some nice blue skies

So, Sunday morning we headed over to Ute Valley Park for some good trails.  It was an awesome sunny morning after a few weeks of more than average gray skies in Colorado.  Don't know if it was the emotional drain of looking for a new family member (yes, we take our pet decisions VERY seriously), or just some winter fatigue, but even the blue skies did not have us feeling super peppy for the run.  Do you ever have one of those runs where you feel like you could curl up on the side of the trail and take a nap...?
 Looking across Ute Valley to Pikes Peak
 Kathleen coming through the trees 
Look at that face...
We ran about 7 miles and then looped back by the house to get in the first run with "The New Guy".  This little guy is going to be quite the trail runner - he's a natural!  He did not trip me, step on my heels, or make any weird movements that caused me to stumble - just a good straight runner.  Well done Hook!  Needless to say that after his weekend of traveling, moving to his new home, and hitting the trails with us, this is what he looked like after running 3 miles with us:
Who could resist him???

It was a good weekend for us as you can see.  Nice 10 mile run, including the finishing loop with our new baby boy!  Happy Trails this week!


Average A said...

Ohh, hooray, this makes me so happy (and I'm sure it does for you two, too!)! Hook is so cute and AWESOME that he's a trail runner already! Could it be any more perfect!?!

Naturally there will be no replacement for Sage, but the attitude that you have a new friend in your life is perfect. Congrats on your new family member!


Jennifer said...

Happy Happy! Congratulations on the new addition to your family! And wow, he's a running dog too, what a great match-up! Kudos for going the rescue route.

Footfeathers said...

Good looking little guy! Can't wait to meet him.

GZ said...

"Look at that face"

Yup, you are grinning pretty big there. :)

Am I imagining it or can I see a bit of the scar from the gash on the back leg?


Johann said...

Fantastic! Makes me feel so good when I read this. Hook is perfect! Many happy years on the trails for all of you!

Paige said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! How supremely exciting!

We all have those curl-up-on-the-side-of-the-trail (or road) days...you just have to roll with it :)

mtnrunner2 said...

Well, that put a smile on my face :) Looks a great mellow running partner!

Christi said...

Congratulations on the new puppy! Our family just lost our dog of 11 years and it has been very quiet and lonely in our house. I don't know if we will get a new puppy soon but I hope we do get one in the future!

Jill said...

Oh man is he cute!!!!
I'm not sure if I could visit many shelters and not take them all home (and honestly, I'm not much of a dog person, but I do love them all!), I'd have so much guilt .. but I think you got a perfect one and I absolutely love his name! Can't wait to hear more running adventure stories with him in the picture, a perfect addition to the family :).

btw, I need to get on the trails running before my trail race...maybe we can hook up soon for some SLOW trail run!

Tina @GottaRunNow said...

Have I ever felt like taking a nap on the side of the running course? Yes, that would be the Denver marathon for me! What a cute, cute pup! A new running friend - that's the best kind!

Anonymous said...

Super Cute!

ajh said...

Ohhh! Let me say it again.........ohhh! He is mega cute. Love the picture of him curled up sleeping! Yeah that you found a great dog.
K I knew you would comment on my shopping! Actually LL Bean had two skirts I liked and I ordered the other one later. Now it just needs to warm up so I can wear them!

Enjoy Hook you guys!

Meg said...

What a heart warming post. Welcome Captain Hook! He looks like a natural trail dog already! I'm so happy for all of you.

Meg said...

You are so very, very sweet. Thank you.
P.S. BS(Steve), loves your new pup.
Hugs-blip, blip.

Glenn Jones said...

Welcome Capt Hook! He already looks like he fits in. Congratulations!

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