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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sunny Sunday in the Park

It was another great day for a run Sunday, albeit a little on the cool side with a stout breeze coming from the north.  We decided to cruise into Ute Valley and get out of the worst part of the wind scenario and log a few miles in relatively comfortable conditions.  With the blue skies, there were plenty of photo-ops again Sunday:
Kathleen on the west ridge

Coming off the ridge on one of the "beach" sections - deep sand

There was not really a plan for the day aside from wanting to see how the legs could be pushed after 17 miles on technical trails Saturday.  When we got home from Saturday's run, by the way, there was a package awaiting on the doorstep with my new McDavid Compression calf sleeves.  I don't think I will wear these for every run, but certainly on longer runs or outings where leg abuse will be high.  I was anxious to see how they would feel with pre-fatigued legs, and I must say they were quite good on day 2 of the hard trails.  We'll see how they fare after a few more outings.

Lightning victim
Great view of Pikes Peak
Pine Slalom
Been a few weeks since the sky was THAT blue!
How could you not enjoy running here?
Favorite Arch
Just a great day!
It is fairly tough to beat days like this around this time of year.  It was a great way to celebrate the most wonderful time of the trail running year - DST.  (Got out last night for the traditional first post-work run sans headlamp since November - sweet!!!)  Kathleen ran the first loop with me, then I beat myself down enjoyed another round and ended up at home with 13 miles.  Wrapped up a solid weekend of tough trails and squashed the legs pretty good - very nice!  Happy Trails!

Shoes - K Montrail Mountain Masochist
S Pearl Izumi SyncroFuel XC


Tina @GottaRunNow said...

Look at the blue sky and those rocks and the mountains! You live in a great place!

Jennifer said...

I love rocky areas, we don't have many in MS, none in my area. Great pictures and thanks for the shoe suggestion!

Christi said...

pMy husband and I hike Ute Valley quite a bit. I need to get out there and run more.

I love all your pics. You always have great ones!

Jill said...

That arch is really cool. We're headed to Moab over spring break for some arch seeing. Enjoy the 75 degrees today!! :)

Johann said...

Great run in what seems to be a wonderful location. I love that I'm seeing blue skies and good weather for you there. Soon I'll be the one complaining about the cold.

Generation X (Slomohusky) said...

wow that sand! carzy variations of terrain you have. i like seeing the shorts over the tights and pants. looks like spring is coming to the Rockies.

ajh said...

The sky is so blue it is almost unbelievable. That is quite a picture of Pikes Peak in the background.

It is beginning to warm up here. And of course the days are getting longer. It is all good!

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