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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A Monday Ride

After returning from Iowa, for Dad's wedding, on Sunday evening, I was excited to get out on the road bike Monday morning.  Not only was I feeling good and excited for a ride, I got an extra nice bonus when Tammy decided to join in on the ride.  She is just coming off of an awesome age group win at Sageburner 50k (her second 50k ever!  Woo-hoo!) the week before and was looking for a nice spin on the bike to help in her recovery.  I hopped on the bike, headed south from home, picked Tammy up at her house, and we then headed into Garden of the Gods.
 Two girls enjoying the FABULOUS weather!  Summer seems to have arrived!

As you can see from our photo, we've had hazy skies due to smoke from the wildfires down in New Mexico and Arizona.  The winds, thankfully, have moved most of the smoke out of our area.  We rode at a fairly leisurely pace, pushed a little harder up a couple of the hills, and completed several laps.  THEN, the REAL goal of the ride:  we headed into Manitou Springs for a stop at our favorite watering hole and a big drink of Peach Yerba Mate'.  Tasty and refreshing.  Of course, there was lots of girl chit-chat going on, too.
 Peach Mate' -  Performance enhancing rocket fuel and mmmm, good!

The scene of our indulgence

After lolly-gagging for 30 minutes or so, we hopped on the bikes and headed back the way we had come.  Dropped Tammy off at her house and then continued northward home.  Ended the day with 27 miles and was very pleased to feel good and to share the ride with fine company.  It felt wonderful to be out on the bike.  Mondays have been designated as my official 'ride' day and will be shooting for 30 or 35 miles next Monday, if the body continues to cooperate.  These past 7 days or so have been 'feeling good' ones.  I am hoping and praying the 'feel good' days continue!

Happy Trails this week!


misszippy said...

That looks like a great ride! Crazy about the wildfires...glad the wind was working in your favor.

Christi said...

Congrats on a great ride with a friend! That always makes riding so much more enjoyable. I love riding in the Garden but since I do most of my riding on the weekend I have been avoiding GOG. The tourists are just too crazy!

I hope you continue to feel better!

Johann said...

We've been having some crazy fires here as well. Johannesburg is dry in the winter. Luckily the last few days we've had rain and the air is now nice and clean (and cold).

Jill said...

You girls look soooo cute and I'm glad to see, Kathleen, that you own pink cycling attire too. Well, of course you do!! :)

I just got an email from my friend who did the GoG road race there last year with me and wanted to know if I was doing it again this weekend....not there yet with the running but the bike might be doable...hope to make it one day with you girls. Soon!!

So glad to hear you had a great ride!! Continue to heal!

funderson said...

mmm..now I'm really thirsty. Congrats on your friend's Sage Burner!

Danni said...

I'm jealous that you have summer! We had exactly two days of summer. I think that was it. At least no fires, just flooding.

Tina @GottaRunNow said...

Happy to see a pink K post! Didn't notice the hazy skies, just your great big smiles. Looks like fun!

ajh said...

Love that you are having so many feeling good days.
Biking Mondays sounds wonderful. Enjoy your next one too!
You look great in the photo.

Anonymous said...

Just now checking blog and was delighted to see about our ride :) I still have not yet gotten to mine. I look forward to Monday! Count me in for sure :)

mtnrunner2 said...

That picture from the road is awesome. Great to have such resources near by.

I have to say the Mate place is interesting (really cool interior) but also one of the stranger places I've been. I ordered coffee and felt like I was breaking some taboo. Maybe it's like going to a fish restaurant and ordering a grilled cheese sandwich. That peach mate sounds like it would be really good on a hot day though.

Then again, the mineral-laden water fountains on the street are free ;)

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