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Monday, September 12, 2011

Hangin' with the Pinkcorker

Almost four years ago, during a snowy, frigid, blizzard-y weekend, Steve and I 'discovered'  the world of running blogs, more specifically trail running blogs.  The absolutely first blog on the radar was Renee's "Pinkcorker". She and I seemed to be kindred spirits.  We have been blessed to have met and become friends with some amazing blog friends but Renee was the first.  We have cultivated a friendship via email over the past years.  Six months ago, she emailed and said she would be traveling to Colorado to visit a friend who had lived near her in Tuscon and asked if she could stop and finally meet and visit with us for a few days on the way.  You can probably figure out what we said - "Of course!  Come on up!"

Renee jumped into the world of ultra running a few years back and our original plan, six months ago, was to take her on a few of our fabulous local trail runs.  Those plans changed when she unexpectedly decided to do the splits on a trail run in the Tuscon mountains and tore a ligament near the upper area of her femor earlier this summer.  Her 'splits injury' combined with my current inability to run long caused by the Graves, required a creative change of plans.  Renee's injury rehab has progressed well and, although she is unable to run, she is able to fast hike and bicycle.  She is learning to ride and is becoming best friends with her bike.  I was a cyclist WAY before becoming a runner so a bike ride always rates high on the desirability scale.

After getting our house guest settled in at Happy Trails Central on Saturday evening, we began plotting our plan of attack over the next two days.  Sunday morning, after renting a mountain bike for Renee at a local bike shop, we headed north on our ride on the crushed granite Santa Fe Trail.  With the combo of a long drive from Tuscon and altitude adjustment, a more mellow ride was on the docket for her and the Santa Fe Trail fit the bill.  We squeaked out 25 miles that consisted of constant girl chatter, beautiful weather, and our lovely mountain scenery.  Steve escaped our non-stop chatter by slipping away earlier in the morning for a nice, peaceful 17 mile trail run at Red Rock Canyon/Section 16/Intemann Trail area.

Renee is all smiles riding through the U.S. Air Force Academy on a gorgeous day.
I love my bikes!  Despite not spending as much time on them the last few years, riding still feels so natural and a part of me.
The Santa Fe Trail is a beautiful multi-use trail.

After our ride and Steve's run, we got cleaned up and headed over to Manitou Springs for some post ride/run grub at one of the best local eateries - Adam's Mountain Cafe.
Then, after the grub, we hit up The Mate' Factor for an iced peach yerba mate' tea.
Played tourists and wandered Manitou for a bit, then drove through Garden of the Gods on the way back to the house.  Renee commented that it felt like deja vu - everything seemed so familiar because of reading about and seeing pictures of everything on our blog!  She even recognized our house before she saw the address because of seeing pictures of our xeriscape garden out in front!

Most out-of-towners seem to be intrigued by the Manitou Incline and Renee was no different.  Way-back-when, the Incline was on her list of 'must-dos'.  Although running is not an option for her right now, hiking is so we headed out for a grand hike up the Incline this morning.  We took it slow and although she questioned her sanity in undertaking such an arduous effort with her current fitness level several times during the climb, she's a tenacious ultra runner and perservered.
Finishing with a smile despite low-lander oxygen depletion

Connecting to Barr Trail.  I was thrilled to see that the Aspens on the left were NOT changing...... yet........

We fast hiked down Barr Trail.  Renee was excited to see part of Barr as she and her hubby and a group from their Tuscon trail running group are thinking about coming up next August and doing the Pikes Peak Ascent/Marathon.  If I can get completely back on track, the Ascent has been on my list of 'things to do someday'.  Hmmm, combined with a quite a few local friends who are doing the Ascent/Marathon next year, the Tuscon group coming up might provide the extra motivation to really train for it.  We'll have to see..........

We wrapped up a whirlwind day with lunch at Coquette Creperie, a repeat visit for Mate', a stop at a Chef's Catalog (kitchen store), the Dutch bakery (I needed to get a treat for Steve since he had to work and couldn't come out and play), Title Nine, The Colorado Running Company, and Criterium Bike Shop (Renee needed a jersey she had spied there yesterday).  Whew!  We had to blaze home, get her packed up and out the door so she could drive to her next destination near Denver and arrive before it was completely dark.

After hugs all around and waving good-bye, we realized again, that our interest in trail running has afforded us the opportunity to meet extraordinary people - Friends - over the past few years.

Happy Trails to everyone this week!


GZ said...

I hear that PPA, PPM thing is a fun race.

I see leaves starting to turn everywhere!!

Jill said...

Wow, what a fun weekend with your friend, and one that you originally started following to boot. So cool!

Another trip up the Incline, good for you girls! And all that power shopping after would have been more of a workout than the Incline - haha! Glad to hear your thinking of PP next year...you wouldn't even need to train and you'd place in the top 10%, you love those mountain hills!

I want to get up to the mountains to see the leaves, I just can't believe they haven't started turning yet - at least non I see here. Maybe next week!

Have a great rest of the week! Looks like a little rain coming in tomorrow - we need it!

Christi said...

Meeting blogging buddies is always so much fun. What a great weekend of Colorado Springs and Manitou Springs excitement!

Ace said...

Friendship is nice. Good stuff.

Tina @GottaRunNow said...

Sounds like fun! The Manitou Incline is so steep - I'd just want to collapse if I made it to the top!

Average A said...

I never get sick of your photos -- looks like a fun time with a friend!

ajh said...

Nice post. I bet she had a great time. Next time I come out I want to get some biking in!

Tara said...

I have met so many fabulous people through the blog world! This is one of the main reasons why even though I don't post as often as I used to, I just can't let the blog go. It sounds like you have made a lasting friendship with Renee and it's so cool that you got to see her this past weekend!

I love my bike and would love to bike that trail. ONE of these days, I will climb up that incline. Ugh, it looks so steep! Way to go you two!

Have a fabulous week Kathleen and Steve!

Glenn Jones said...

I'm thinking that Pikes Peak needs to find it's way onto my to do list. I need that jacket!

Jennifer said...

I have missed you guys! And as usual you are up to your old tricks of having fun and amazing adventures. Those trails look so good right now! Cheers!

Filippo said...

Nice post and amazing photos, as usual...Good run!
Visit my teamrace's website at http://tartufotrail.it/photogallery.php

Johann said...

That is awesome. I really hope I get to travel your way one day. There are so many bloggers I'll have to meet! I must come do PP as well and maybe next year should be it...you never know...

Angela said...

Enjoyed your blog posts. My girlfriends and I are planning a mid-october trip to Manitou with a goal to climb PP. We will have 3 days to acclimate and, while not trail runners like you, we do hike quite a bit. Any advice for hiking up Barr T in a day (a friend will be at the top to pick us up!) Thanks!

HappyTrails said...

Hi Angela! Leave your email address here and I will be happy to send you some thoughts. It will be a great and memorable experience for you!

Angela said...

Thanks, Kathleen! Email is afp@ahmcp.com and I appreciate your advice! 13 miles isn't daunting but the vertical gain and altitude (for us midwesterners)are! Appreciate it! Angela

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