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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Black Hills Visit in Photos

Been fighting photo uploads not working ALL WEEK, so these are behind schedule.  Turned out to be an issue with Firefox 7, so this post is brought to you thanks to Google Chrome.  So you are getting the full dump of photos from our South Dakota trip - if a picture paints a thousand words, here's 32k worth for you! Aren't you glad after that race report that you don't have to read 32 thousand words from us - sheesh!  Hope your browser doesn't explode unloading photos....

 Rode the steam train to Keystone after the race
 Blowing off some steam, so to speak
 Then we went for the first visit to see the "Fellas"
 Great evening view
Monday we walked only - no running - Mickelson Trail
Tuesday - Deerfield Lake Loop - another perfect day, although unseasonably warm
 Kathleen on the Lake loop
 Sweet trail and nice fall colors showing
 Deerfield Lake
 Happy Trails
 Nearing the end of the run up at Deerfield - 15 miles and it was 84 degrees when we finished!
 Wednesday run on the Flume Trail - a National Recreation Trail
 Very scenic trail following an old mining flume 
from Sheridan Lake to Rockerville
 Tunnel that the flume passed through - only about 5 feet tall 
and quite dark at about one hundred feet long - not for the claustrophobic!
Kathleen on Flume Trail
Very sweet trails
Part of the old retaining walls for the flume
Lots of running on trail that was cut out of rock cliff faces
 Pedestrian bridge over the Sheridan Lake outlet

 Sheridan Lake - another beautiful place we ran around
 After the run, off to spend more time at the Shrine of Democracy
 Took about 100 pics of these guys
 HT at MR
 Came back a third time for the evening lighting - very cool
 Never got tired of Mount Rushmore
 Thursday, we ran a short loop at Horsethief Lake 
 Most of the run was in wilderness, and once again, we had the trails to ourselves
 Lots of awesome singletrack to explore here - this area has the potential 
to be a trail runner's paradise - we WILL be back!
 Autumn's golden carpet
 More trails than time (or legs) would allow this visit
Farewell Horsethief Lake - and thanks for the memories Black Hills, SD!


Tina @GottaRunNow said...

Glad the photo problem is fixed! Maybe K should start noting the running skirt facts like you do shoe facts...Lots of cute ones modeled in this post! Running those great trails - you saw places most people miss. What a great vacation!

Danni said...

Looks like a fabulous trip. You sure did get your fill of MR!

Meg said...

Oh, it looks like fall! What a marvelous trip. No pushing and shoving on those trails!
K-I had to laugh at your comment about the skirts. I guess you're not "supposed" to wear anything other than "traditional" xc slinglets and shorts to xc meets. Ooops! There I go again, breaking another rule. Someone should have told me!!

ajh said...

Love these pics as always. I like the flume trail although not sure about the tunnel part. I haven't been to Mt.Rushmore since I was just out of college. Looks like you enjoyed it thoroughly.

Jennifer said...

Great images! Both of you look fabulous. I was at the the Black Hills two decades ago when I was not a runner. I remember thinking it was such a beautiful place. Your images bring back such memories and now I want to go back, only this time I will run!

Jill said...

What fun trails you got to run on over there, I bet it felt a little different than here, even the rock just looks different, huh?!? So pretty! Kathleen, does that skirt you're wearing on the last pic have big cherries on it? It is adorable! And I'm not sure I've ever seen Steve without a visor on, even at lunch and brunch - you two clean up very nice! :)

I spent a few weeks in the Black Hills in 1985 when I was at Geology Field Camp...I may have walked on those trails....did you see my feet prints anywhere? :)

I see Steve is wearing the Cascadias...did he invest in the Cortanas yet?

Such a fun, fun trip! Thanks for sharing those fabulous pictures!

Johann said...

Happy trails indeed! Those evening shots are just amazing! Oh man I want to visit there!

T Z said...

Spectacular pix!! Makes me wanna go back to SD, and we will. I was so proud to have found the trailz we ran on, but I should have listened to you and went to Deerfield and the flume trail. They'll be zombie-fied the next time for sure.

The Local Tourist said...

I am so happy to see you enjoyed your trip to the Black Hills. Did you enjoy the great attractions in Rapid City while you were in our area?

Glenn Jones said...

Wow. I've heard so much about the beauty of the Black Hills, but have never been. Thaks for all the pictures!

Alene said...

Kathleen, I checked out your blog after you wrote me on ultrahypo...I love the Black Hills, and I think your blog is great! Plus you just gave me more places to check out in South Dakota, so thanks! Keep on going...

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