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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Blown away, bruised toes, and such....

There was a high wind warning in effect for our area that started posting yesterday for the entire day today.  Now, when you live in (or even near) the mountains, weather reports, predictions, dire warnings, etc. are always taken with a grain of salt.  Sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn't.  Well, let's just say they weren't joking.  It was not freezing cold this morning, however, it was 20 - 30mph winds with gusts to 50mph.  Sweet.  I love wind.  And sarcasm.   I waited for a bit to see if it would die down.  As if.  I would be running solo, as Kathleen had to do some labs early before work.  Now, if you are going to run in sucky wind, it is always "nicer" to have someone suffering with you, right???  OK, off to run and hopefully not be blown away.  I dropped in to Ute Valley Park hoping for at least some periods of shelter from the wind gusts.
 Theme for the day - see dust cloud coming, turn back to it and squint until it passes!!!
 Been a while since I ran here - love these trails and the sights along them!
 Walk the Plank!

I took the side spur out toward I25 at the bottom of Ute Valley Park, hoping to stay in the ravine for a bit and out of the wind.  This trail seems to be in the middle of nowhere, then out of nowhere you end up looking up at I25.  That is the great thing about unimproved parks in the middle of town.
 The trail skirts along the ravine on the right - I25 is straight ahead but you wouldn't know
 Not sure who put this up in the park boundary?
 Storm shelter... or wildlife hostel

I ran through the disc golf course, surprised to see a couple guys out tossing discs in gale force winds!  As I rolled past the cave above, which we have run by many times, it came to mind that this would be a great little shelter if some freak weather blitz hits while out on a run.  Although, the mountain lion and/or bear that frequently uses it may take issue with the occupancy!
 Always have to run past the favorite arch
As always, fabulous.

I had many opportunities to gaze on Pikes Peak during the run.  The wind was howling up there, as could be seen by the swirling clouds of snow whipping through the many large bowls on the massive granite slab.  I would guess that a run up there today would have been just peachy....  I was not sure what to expect from the day, as I started out the run with the expectation that it may be a short lap, then right back home.  I had just enough shelter in Ute that the run went well and I ended up with 10 miles.  Basically had the park to myself, as I saw three cyclists (still can't figure that) and a guy walking a couple dogs.  That's it.  So it turned out pretty good for a day that I could have easily passed on!

Shoes - Nike Pegasus

In the Can't Ever Find the Perfect Shoe department, I had a strange occurrence after our great run to Barr Camp a few weeks back.  After feeling pretty stellar throughout that whole run, including the big descent, I got out of the chair late that evening and my left big toe area felt like it had been smashed.  Nothing happened on any previous runs, so what gives?  No trips, no stubbed toes, nothing.  So I remove my sock, and whoa nelly - the whole side of the big toe trunk was purple.  I wasn't sure if I sprained it (is that possible?), broke it,  or any number of other things that run through your mind when the side of your foot is heinously discolored...  I took the whole following week off as a precaution but basically felt fine by Saturday morning.  I was set for a long trail run, so I laced up the Cascadias, just as I had on Barr, but felt a strangely familiar pain in the big toe less than a half mile in.  So I circled back to the homestead and did a little investigation.  When lining up the epicenter of the formerly purpleized area over the shoe, lo and behold it was exactly centered above this point:
Scene of the crime.....

So I am taking a few weeks reprieve from donning said torture device, hoping to not retire an expensive shoe WAY TOO EARLY.  We'll see.  On the run in question, I swapped over to the Saucony Peregrine and proceeded to run 16 miles on the Garden trails and part of the Ponderous Posterior route without incident, so I am leary.  I am interested if anyone else has had this issue with the new Cascadia, since it is the first model year to have the front wedge added to the medial side of the shoe...????   Remains to be seen.

Happy Trails to all - hope to run tomorrow, sans wind, with the lovely Mrs HT!


mtnrunner2 said...

When I finally got out for a run in the late afternoon the wind was steady but not obnoxious. No dust devils.

Great picture of Pikes!

I have not had that problem with the 2011 Cascadia, but I quit wearing them after a while because whatever changes they made to the sole caused my footstep shock to run right up my spine. I think it's the gel. I decided I didn't like the shape of the footbed either. I have a couple of pairs of the 2010 left.

Then again, I guess I'm not that aware of my feet, because I noticed I did my run today without any footbed in one of the Brooks PureFlows, and a high-arch Sole footbed in the other. lol

HappyTrails said...

mtnrunner2- Wow - that's a huge difference between a Sole arch support and nothing!!!!

As for the Cascadia, imo - they butchered the outsole and the midsole both compared to previous models. Very hard on both.

Jill said...

Steve, have you tried the Brooks TrueGrit, their new line of low heel-drop shoes? They feel amazing.

As much as I plugged the Cortana's earlier, I am now wondering if they aren't the cause of some of my AT soreness lately. Backing off them awhile and going back to the Kinvaras for awhile.

Gorgeous pictures! Was a tad windy here today, too...thankfully, it was a swim day :).

Anonymous said...

LOL.. You and Jonathan.. are the only crazy dudes who I believe ventured out in those crazy gale force winds.. surprised you didn't "blow" into each other... He tried to get me on the trail.. but, the good ole' wind and me are not friends.. so, I opted for the treadmill at the gym. Not my optimal choice... but it keeps me out of those windy elements... :)
Regarding your shoes.. you should return them.. contact the company and tell them what happened.. I had to do that once, and the company graciously took them back.. I say stick w/ the Saucony's..... my favorites always.. but, if Brooks are worthy, they will take them back and refund you.. What are you and Kathleen running today? Perhaps we will see you in the Garden.. or the Red Rocks..

Anonymous said...

ugh... perhaps not.. forecast today.. WINDY.. guess I just have to toughen up and go for it... :)

ajh said...

I think that toe thing is rather strange. I hope you have figured out what it is and get rid of it.

We are having a gorgeous day here today but I got out there too early when it was cold. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Jennifer said...

Weird, that toe issue. Hope it resolves soon. I don't mind when I know what causes something but hate not knowing.

Wind! We got a bit today, but that is rare for us! Great pics, and feel better!

GZ said...

No issues with the 11 Cascadias (although mine are blue). I will admit, these do feel a bit stiffer out of the box than earlier versions though.

Christi said...

My new puppy and I have made Ute Valley Our walking trail. We are there every weekend at least one day and sometimes both days.

The wind Saturday was unbelievable! I was so glad we didn't get any wind damage.

Dawn said...

Wow. Great blog! So glad I found you...you're living my dream on that trail...wind would not have to be included;)

Generation X (Slomohusky) said...

Fun. regardless of the wind, still fun. sorry about the shoes. btw - there is NO such thing as the perfect shoe.

A said...

I have been running in the Brooks Pure Grit show & love it! it's a trail shoe and I don't do very much trail running compared to you, but it's pretty steady and very comfortable for those little patches of dirt I run on next to the sidewalk. Worth a shot maybe?

Ace said...

I always think about inventing a personal running sail in these times...

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