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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Thanks ... and Moving Along

First off, thanks to everyone for the kind comments and emails last week.  It was a great lift and just wanted to let everyone know it was appreciated.  Kathleen is doing fine and we are going along through the waiting process that is normal to occur after the radioactive iodine treatment. 


Kathleen was quarantined for two to three days so as to not expose others to radioactivity - and she was stir crazy!!! So following two days of complete isolation from the outside world, last Sunday she was allowed out of the house - so we hit the Garden for a run! We were still super cautious about being in close proximity to other people but out on the trails that was no biggie.
Free at last
Enjoying the grayish sunshine below Siamese Twins
The Hill
Siamese Twins with no crowds

It was good to get out to the Garden, and especially nice for Kathleen to be outside.  Kathleen ran a nice 7 mile loop, then relaxed with a book in the Pilot while I went for another loop to finish with 13 miles on the day.  Good times!

Shoes - Montrail Masochist 

Nice Long Run
Reservoir with a nice backdrop

Last Saturday, Kathleen ran early before she had to go in to work for a bit.  Though her body won't allow her to push the pace at all or get long distances in, she has still been getting out for her runs without much trouble and just keeping them shorter than usual.  But shorter runs are far better than Zero runs!!!  I was a chump and waited for it to warm up before heading out on a long run.  I have not done as many of these lately and just wanted to log some miles and stay out on the feet for a while.  I headed over Flying W trail toward the Garden, but took a detour up onto Blair Bridge Open Space.  We always see these reservoirs in the satellite photos, but have not ever gone on top of the hill to check it out. 
Looking down from the top of Blair
Sweet views with the blue sky making its return!
Up on the west ridge looking across the Garden
Same reservoir, different perspective...

I looped through the Garden on Palmer Trail, then up out of the park on the Ponderous trails to the ridge above Glen Eyrie.  From there looking east, you can see the reservoirs far below from the beginning of the run.  Dropped over the gate and onto Rampart Range Road for the long cruise back down to the Garden.
Not the Saguaros that you will see over here, but they're all we have to offer!
Parting shot - heading home
One happy pair of shoes

It was a great day, with temps in the 50's for most of the run which I will take any day in the winter!  The run ended up being 17 miles and though tired, I felt overall quite good to finish a run like this in February.   Longest run yet in the Saucony Peregrines and my feet seem to like them real well.

More Blue Skies
   Group shot at Ute Valley Park

Sunday morning we got out early for a run at Ute Valley Park, and it was quite a bit more crisp than Saturday.  We were meeting friends in Castle Rock for lunch so we got in a nice 7 mile run on the trails and then hit the road.  It was also the inaugural run for both of us in these puppies:
Brooks Pure Grit

So back in time a bit to the big day at the hospital, Jill showed up wearing the Brooks Pure Flow shoes.  We were intrigued and of course GRILLED her about them.  Her new race team is sponsored partially by Brooks, so she also was privy to the Pure Grit and encouraged us to check them out.  We did.  And then we bought them :)  I felt so good running in them, that I took another jaunt at Ute when we got home later in the afternoon.  First shoe since the Masochist that I can cinch down and run without having some foot discomfort.  After some miles in them, watch for a review here.  Happy Trails!


Johann said...

Glad to hear all is well! Some great runs there with beautiful scenery as always. I can't wait for August! If I can see some of this first hand it would be a dream come true. All the best! It is March...March is Pikes Peak entry month!

Jill said...

Looking forward to your Grit review...and loving the red color! Got Ryan some Grits about a month ago but they're black. Color is important, you know :).

Looking forward to some warmer weather and some runs through the Garden... so pretty there! Always makes me kick myself when I see your pictures that I didn't take advantage more of those trails when I lived there ('85-'87). Youth I guess...always thought I'd do it "next week".

Nice job on the long run!

Danni said...

Somehow I missed the last post. Ugh. Sounds really frustrating. You guys are awesome.

Christi said...

I am glad to hear Kathleen is doing better. Great pics of your runs. I have been hitting GOG on my bike but not for runs yet. I should probably do that!

Have a great weekend guys!

Kathy said...

LOL, a friend and I had a ball swapping Incredible Hulk/Radioactive Man jokes when she went through RAI treatment a few months ago. Glad you guys are getting out there. Those Garden of the Gods pictures are calling to me - think I need a short road trip and break in my new NB trail shoes.

Paige said...

I missed the last post, too! So out of the HT loop over here :( I'm so sorry you all are going through this, but hopefully Kathleen is on the return trip to feeling good. Lots of hugs and good thoughts to the HT house!

BTW, I look forward to reading about your thoughts on those Pure Grits! :)

Tina @GottaRunNow said...

Wow! It's great to see that you feel like getting out there to run, Kathleen! New shoes=fun!

ajh said...

Great news that Kathleen is getting out and running!

Enjoy those new shoes and can't wait to see the pictures you take while running in them.

T Z said...

Great news on the better half of the HT duo. Glad to hear things are progressing nicely. Nice find on the trailz above the Grden too. Is there no end to the trail possibilities there? It'd take forever to do a TZ Trail Guide for Colorado.

Anxiously awaiting a review on the Grits.

Alene Gone Bad said...

Go Kathleen! Glad to hear you're able to get out and breathe the fresh air! Hope things continue to progress with few issues.

Tara said...

SO good to see Kathleen out and about running on the gorgeous trails. I absolutely love running in the Garden of the Gods and I certainly don't do it enough!

I remember that year that I had that blood clot I had 5 CAT scans over the course of 3 months. My doc said that he was going to stop sending his patients thru the scanners and just hold them up next to me. Glad you didn't get quarantined for very long!

Thanks for the update post Steve, sorry I am so late on this comment.

Julie said...

What the heck!! I have been out of the loop! I hope that you are doing well Kathleen! I have taken a little break from blogging but felt pulled back into reading. I needed to stop by and see how Happy Trails was doing. As always, beautiful pictures and fun trail runs. Thinking about you...Big hugs and lots of love!

Julie said...

What the heck!! I have been out of the loop! I hope that you are doing well Kathleen! I have taken a little break from blogging but felt pulled back into reading. I needed to stop by and see how Happy Trails was doing. As always, beautiful pictures and fun trail runs. Thinking about you...Big hugs and lots of love!

A said...

Wow, I am soooo behind on my blog reader & this just confirms it. I had no idea about Kathleen -- so glad to hear she is going well, and that the Happy Trails duo is holding up & is back in action!

Thanks so much for the advice on aclimitizing for my upcoming race in Utah. I actually am doing excatly what you said because I kept seeing/hearing/reading that it's either best to go verrry early, or as close to the race as possible. I booked my ticket to get in Friday afternoon (race is Saturday morning), so I really will just have time to hit up the expo, eat some dinner, sleep, and then it's go time. :)

Thanks also for the tip on not starting out too fast. One thing coaches have said is to start training by heart rate -- that once you're up there & your heart rate gets too high, it's hard to get it back down.

Maybe I should just hire you two as coaches too! :) Keep feeling better, K!

Johann said...

Hi there! How is it going there? I think of you very often. Today (tonight 19:00 South African time) I will register for Pikes Peak and hopefully get a spot in the marathon. That will mean I will meet you later this year. I really hope this dream of mine will come true. I will let you know about the registration.

Ace said...

running is good therapy me thinks...keep on..

Johann said...

So bummer bum bum I didn't get into Pikes Peak. :(( I suppose that's just how it is and have accepted this by looking at other goals. I will still meet you and Jill and all one day. That I know and that I will keep on working for. Stay strong and positive my friends!

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