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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Snuck one in!

I got my window of opportunity and took it! The rain let up so I took off on the gravel multi-purpose trail out of our neighborhood for a quick workout. We'll have to use the wide trails for a few days as our singletrack trails have a lot of clay and do not do well with loads of water. I was able to get in a nice 6 mile run even though it was raining again before I finished. Oh well, better than nothing at all. Kathleen had to work, so it was a solo run today :-(

An update on the Ascent - about 742 runners were able to finish in the freezing conditions and about that many were turned back at A-Frame, which is right below treeline on Pikes Peak. The weather above treeline had turned to sideways-blowing snow and sleet and they were fearful of having to get too many hypothermic runners off the mountain. The other problem was that the Pikes Peak highway had to be closed due to adverse driving conditions, leaving no way to get additional vehicle support to the summit house. Even though our friend PR'd (and got 3RD WOMAN OVERALL!), she said it was quite miserable.

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