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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Welcome to August in Colorado!

Word(s) for the day - SOGGY and COLD! In most parts of the country, these do not describe summer - welcome to the mountains. August can be unpredictable and can range in temps from the 30's to the 90's. It started raining yesterday morning and has not stopped. Don't get me wrong, we need rain like peanut butter needs jelly. We have had nearly 30% of our year-to-date precipitation just in the past week and a half! Imagine starting your Ascent of Pikes Peak in rain and low 40 degree temps, then climbing 8000 or so vertical feet to a summit temp of 29.8°F - that is the current reading at 11:52 AM on the Peak! Luckily, the cam shot did not show snow yet at the summit. While I sit sipping coffee in my wool slippers, our friend Connilee is trying to warm up for sure as she finished third overall woman in ~ 2:53:35 (unofficial post from Summit House) - Way to Go!!! Over in Leadville, the Leadville Trail 100 is being contested in a wee bit better conditions - it is 49°F currently and the runners have been on course approximately 8 hours now, having started at 4 am with light rain and 40 degrees. They will possibly face snow or heavy rain overnight - sweet. Here's a topper for you - this live cam of Winter Park, Colorado is from 11:40 am. There was supposed to be race #6 of the Winter Park Mountain Bike Race series, one of the best run series in the mountain west, but heavy rain overnight combined with snow this morning to postpone the race. Currently, Loveland Pass, Trail Ridge Road, and Mount Evans highway are all closed due to snow and as of 11 am, Eisenhower Tunnel was requiring chains for commercial vehicles. Yee-haw!!! So if I get a wild hair, you might get an update post later that I snuck out for a short, wet run - just don't count on it! It will be sunny and 80 by mid-week anyway, so a couple days of bizarre summer weather can't hurt, right...


Anonymous said...

wooooow!!! August was the month we always went camping- and we brought our COATS to sleep in...he...he. Hey- did you see the Olympics marathon yesterday?

HappyTrails said...

That was a gutsy performance by Radcliffe to grit those last miles out. Good fuel for when we want to quit on a 10 miler!

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